Wings of Fire

By: G. Bailey

Protected by Dragons


Four lost dragon guards. Three choices. Two betrayals and one secret…

Dumped on earth with three dragon’s guards, who have no idea who Isola is, isn’t what anyone had planned. With the biggest betrayal still haunting her heart, it's hard for Isola to remember what she has to do, and that she has to return to Dragca. Only making her dragons remember her, isn’t as easy as she hoped. The three guards, who she knows it’s forbidden to love, are doing everything to make sure they win her heart… So, what could go wrong?

With dreams of her betrayer literally haunting her, and the dangers of earth becoming a problem no one can protect her from, everything seems lost when it’s dangerous to be.

The curse must fall, like fire for ice, betrayal and death must be the price…

18+ reverse harem with possible triggers.

For Meagan, who is a true friend and I honestly couldn’t do anything without her.

Every step he makes to get closer to me is dangerous, because of what I’m feeling, what I’m thinking. I don’t want to lie to him, and yet, I can’t let him closer. I can’t tell him anything, but he doesn’t remember enough to save himself. He pushes me further into the wall, his body pressed against mine. I close my eyes, knowing I can’t be trusted to look at him.

“I know if I kiss you right now, you will taste as sweet as a peach, and more addictive than anything I’ve ever tasted in my life,” he growls, and I feel a finger tracing down my cheek, towards my neck. His hand slides to the back of my head, gripping my nape and angling my face towards his. Even then, I still don't open my eyes, not even when I feel his warm breath on my lips. I know he is inches away from me and if he kisses me, I won’t have the power to stop him. To fight what feels right.

“Open those eyes and tell me the truth,” he urges, yet it feels like a demand. A dark, seductive one that sends shivers through me.

“I can’t,” I whisper, freezing when I feel his hand tighten on my neck and his lips ever so gently brush mine.

"Soon then," he promises, and lets me go. He steps back, and I release the breath I'd been holding. I open my eyes, seeing him open the bedroom door and walk out without another word.

What the hell am I doing?

Chapter 1


Fire must fall for ice, and ice must fall for fire. Evil and good must be equal. Not all evil is truly lost…remember princess…not all evil is truly lost…

“Melody?” I shake my head to clear the haze I’ve been in, looking around at the tiled ceiling, and feeling the cold from the floor I’m lying on. Everything I'd forgotten for the last...well, god knows how long, comes rushing back to me like a smack to the head. Thorne betrayed me. My father is dead. My dragon guard don’t remember who they are, much less who I am. I shouldn’t remember, but I do. I’m back on Earth, apparently in…school? And I’m angry, so damn angry. Ice shoots out of my hands, freezing the floor below me and starts to spread. I close my eyes, begging my dragon to calm down just a little. We can’t do anything now.

“You’re back? I was trapped,” she whispers to me, her voice distant in my mind, even now.

“I’m back, and so are you,” I confirm and shut her away to get some answers.

“Do you remember? I’ve never quite done that before,” Melody says, her head appearing above my face as she stands/leans over me, her long black hair falling over her face. I remember her being my friend in one part of mind, but then I remember her from my dreams and her voice from when she made me forget everything. She is the seer and a relative of mine. Holy crap, I’ve been friends with her for what I remember is a long time. Then I remember Elias, Dagan, and Korbin not recognizing me on the bus. She must have taken their memory too. I don’t know if I can trust her.

“You took them from me? And you’ve been in my dreams! Who the hell are you? You aren’t Melody, my childhood friend,” I shake my head, getting up off the floor as everything starts to get confusing. It’s like two stories are playing in my head, the one where I grew up in this small town with Melody as a friend, and the other where I’m the princess of Dragca, who was seriously betrayed. I have to close my eyes, focusing on the princess story, my real-life story so I don’t get confused. She sighs, waving a hand over herself, and the black swirls of the seer marks appear on her face, and down her arms. Her jeans and crop top are replaced with a long red dress that looks amazing on her.

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