Wild Heart (Viper's Heart Duet Book 2)

By: Beth Ehemann

I set my duffel bag on the floor and shut the front door as quietly as I could, praying no one had heard me come in. Thankfully, the house was dark and quiet, just like I’d been hoping. I locked the door and tiptoed quietly up the stairs, cringing as they creaked beneath my feet.

The Minnesota Wild had just finished our first road trip of the season and my plane had landed about an hour before, but instead of heading home to my house, my car seemed to drive itself straight to Michelle’s. It was pretty late and I knew that she was probably sleeping, but the thought of waking her up for I-haven’t-seen-you-in-five-days sex was too good to pass up.

I was hungry, but not for food.

Her bedroom door opened slowly revealing her motionless body lit by the small lamp on her nightstand. The low hum of her breathing filled the room. So did the smell of coconut from her shampoo, which meant she’d showered just before bed.

Even better.

I lifted my knee onto the bed, hoping to slowly crawl across and surprise her, but the bump of the mattress made her flip around quickly.

“Viper!” she whispered loudly. “You scared the hell out of me!” Her eyebrows were pulled in tight with an angry glare and a few strands of her damp blond hair clung to the side of her face. She’d never looked hotter.

Without saying a word, I gave her a wicked grin and started crawling again. Her expression softened instantly and she lay back on the bed, opening her arms for me.

“Sorry,” I apologized half-heartedly just before I crashed my mouth against hers. She kissed me back, her lips parting as she invited me in. I gladly dipped my tongue into her mouth and shoved my hands into her hair, gripping tightly. Being on the road was nothing new for me, but having someone waiting for me when I got home was.

She tucked her hand inside the waistband of my sweats, slowly moving up and down my hard shaft. “You don’t feel sorry.” She giggled.

“I tried to be sorry—it didn’t work. Now take your clothes off,” I said gruffly.

I trailed kisses down the side of her neck, pulling eagerly on the neckline of her T-shirt.

“Really?” she teased. “No ‘hello’? No ‘how was your week’? Nothing?”

I sat back and pulled her up to a sitting position, dragging her T-shirt over her head. “I’ve been waiting all week to have these in my mouth.” I took her nipple in between my lips and sucked hard. She let out a gasp just as I let go. “But if you really want to we can chat instead?”

“No, no. That’s good,” she said breathlessly. “Keep doing that.”

The corner of my mouth lifted in a smirk as I turned my attention back to her chest. One of the things I loved most about Michelle was her body—her real body. A body that had given birth to two amazing kids. A body that wasn’t stick thin. A body that had curves in all the right places. A body that was strong enough to do the job of both a mother and a father and never complain about it. Best of all, a body that was my playground for the next several hours. I just had to decide where I wanted to play first.

“I missed you,” I said before I gently pushed her back on the bed and kissed the soft skin on her stomach.

A sexy grin spread across her lips. “You did?”

“Mmhmm. A lot.” I kissed her stomach again.

“Prove it.”

With those two words, my head lifted slightly and I stared her straight in the eye. She waited a second and arched one eyebrow, challenging me. Without taking my eyes off of hers, I licked my lips and grabbed her shorts and panties at the same time, pulling them down hard and tossing them off the side of the bed. I licked my lips one more time and dipped my head between her legs, but just before I could taste her, I heard the dreaded…


I froze and lifted my eyes to hers.

“Shhh. Pretend you didn’t hear him.” She waved her hand toward the door before gently pushing my head back down.


Michelle sighed and dropped her hand on the mattress in frustration. “I love that little man, but he has the worst timing.”

I laughed and sat back. “Let’s make a deal. You stay right here—just like this—and I’ll go see what he needs.”