Whispers of Darkness (The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 2)(8)

By: Rachel M Raithby

Lincoln looked at Lexia, she’d become very strong in the last few months. She smiled at him, egging him on, and it took all his strength to keep the cat back; it had lost all reason and desperately wanted to make Lexia submit, make his mate back down. But as he looked into her blue eyes alight with mischief and delight, he knew she never would. What had he been thinking? She crooked her finger at him again and he lost control.

The panther launched itself at her but instead of landing on her, he landed to her side slightly. She turned to move away but he twisted sharply, jumping and sinking his teeth into her soft side. He felt her blood run through his teeth and the man in him panicked.

Lexia gasped as his teeth sank into her side; the panther was through with games. It was time to show him what she was made of. Eyes flashing gold, she ignored her pain and twisted around catching him with her leg as he landed. He slid to the ground turning around and growling at her with her blood running from his jaw.

“Bring it on, kitty cat,” she called and jumped landing on him.

They rolled around the dusty earth, rage and anger colliding together until the dust settled revealing a black panther pinned beneath a Hunter.

“Submit” she whispered in his ear, but the panther struggled and growled beneath her. “You’re pinned, damn it, Lincoln, submit!”

“Hey guys, that’s enough now,” Caden walked over. “Lexia, let me fix you up.”

“Not until he submits.” She didn’t take her eyes off the golden-brown panther eyes staring wildly at her. She was mad now, mad at him for hurting her, mad that he thought she’d just submit, and mad at herself for starting this when this was clearly no game to her cat.

“Come on, Lexia, he’s a predatory shifter.”

“Yes, he is and does he expect me to be a submissive princess in need of being rescued all the time?”

Lexia could feel her anger rising now. He still struggled against her but she was stronger. As the weeks had gone by she’d noticed how much she’d changed; her Hunter side was now stronger than ever but she needed it to be. She couldn’t afford to be weak anymore, too many people wanted to harm those she loved.

“I can’t afford to be weak, Lincoln. Don’t you understand what happens when I’m weak? Just one moment was all it took for me to nearly lose you; just a single second for me to think that maybe my mum loved me, that not everything was completely fucked up. Damn it I was shot, I nearly died and then I had to kill all those people.”

He relaxed under her, and shifted turning to lights. “Lexia,” he whispered.

“No, it’s too late, I won’t be fooled again and I WILL NOT submit to you. I’ve learned from my mistake and I’ll keep being reminded what happens when I’m weak. Every time I close my eyes and see their faces, see the look of fear in their eyes as I took their lives.”

She got up and stormed into the house wishing she’d not started this game. All it had done was remind her of how she’d killed all those Hunters, how easy it was for her to take a life. It didn’t matter that they would have killed Lincoln and Alice, that they’d have more than likely killed hundreds of people themselves. She’d still taken their lives and at some point in time, they’d just been human, they would have had families.

This train of thought only fueled her anger more. Her mother had taken their lives, turned them into monsters just like she’d created her to be a killer.

Lexia walked into the bathroom, slamming the door a little too loudly. She needed to shower; the hot water would help calm her. She didn’t want to fight with Lincoln, why were they fighting? She’d thought her panther needed to blow off some steam but she had no idea what was wrong with him. She’d never seen her panther look like that at her, and never had he intentionally hurt her, not since they’d been together.

“Shit!” Lincoln swore. He slipped on the jeans that Caden tossed him.

“Shit indeed, mate, what the hell were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t,” he grumbled as he walked back into the house. His body ached all over.

“You’re going to have to grovel, Linc,” he chuckled.

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