Whispers of Darkness (The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 2)(7)

By: Rachel M Raithby

“I know. When all of this is over you can tell her.”

This will never be over...

Lexia never voiced her last thought. She knew that Lincoln knew the truth deep down, he was just trying to make her feel better, trying to protect her like he always did, but she knew; Lexia knew this wasn’t ever going to be over, not unless her mother died, not unless the Hunters were destroyed. And that, Lexia knew, was an impossible task.

Chapter 4

Lincoln woke the next morning to find himself alone; he could hear Lexia’s laughter drifting up the stairs. Slinging on his shorts he noticed his shirt was missing and headed towards her voice.

He found her in the kitchen; she had on his missing pale blue shirt he’d worn yesterday and it barely covered her legs, her long curled hair was pulled over her shoulder revealing her neck. She was laughing at Caden and he had a sparkle in his eyes as he put food on her plate.

Lincoln felt suddenly overcome with possessiveness, his panther rose to the surface, snarling and growling at his mind; the beast wanted to take her here, show Caden she was his, he wanted to mark her for all to see. And as the beast took over he watched as if from a distance as he strode across the room. Lexia turned as he approached but the smile on her face disappeared the second she saw him. Confusion crossed her face and then her eyes widened in surprise as she found his strong hands clamping around her shoulders lifting her from the stool she sat on. He pinned her to the wall, his claws slicing through his skin and into hers.

“Lincoln!” she gasped but he never heard her, he’d lost control of his beast, its predatory instincts had taken over. He could hear Caden speaking urgently but it washed over him and his sharp panther teeth scraped over her skin, ready to sink into her exposed vulnerable neck to mark and claim but as his jaw closed he found himself flipped to the floor and looking up into the wild gold eyes of the Hunter he loved.

“Lincoln Turner, do you really think you can pull that predatory panther shit with me?” She smiled wickedly at him, pressed his shoulders further into the floor. As he struggled beneath her, she clamped her thighs firmer around his waist. He growled low at her, his panther mad at being pinned.

“Sorry, baby, but I’m not letting you up until you have control of that beast of yours –“ she smiled sweetly, “unless... you want to take this outside and settle this panther to Hunter?”

“Lexia, no, that’s a bad idea!” Caden interrupted.

“Come on, Caden, don’t spoil my fun, got to put my pretty little panther back in his place.” She flashed a smile a Lincoln before turning her face to Caden.

“I have a small backyard and we are in the middle of the city!” he protested.

“It won’t take long, will it, baby? What ya say, your panther coming out to play?” she laughed at him.

“You really think you can take me?” he growled.

Lexia jumped to her feet. “Yep, a lot has happened since we’ve had a fight.” Lexia turned, striding out the back door, not caring at all that she just had on Lincoln’s shirt. Serves him right!

The panther circled Lexia and she smiled at him, feeling a thrill sliver down her spine; it had been a while since she’d had a fight for fun and tangling with her panther was as good as it got. She waited for him to make his move but he patiently waited for the right opportunity. She could see the panther was furious; he didn’t like to be disobeyed but what did he really think, that she would just roll over and submit? Tired of waiting Lexia decided she’d egg him on, it wouldn’t take much doing. Smiling smugly she crooked her finger at the black panther. “Here, kitty, kitty.”

She heard Caden snort and then the panther was sailing through the air. She admired his lean muscled body, the light glinting off his velvet soft fur and she began to drop to the floor as his paws connected with her shoulders; she felt the stab of claws and then brought up her legs, kicking him.

Lexia flipped over, spun, and stood watching her panther hit the floor; he’d landed on his feet and was now sliding across the ground leaving grooves in the dried earth.

Caden whistled low from the side lines making her smile and Lincoln growl. She ran at him as he leapt meeting his claws and teeth head on. They clashed together, slicing and hitting each other in a blur until Lincoln was kicked across the floor once more. She braced, ready to attack again.

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