Whispers of Darkness (The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 2)(6)

By: Rachel M Raithby

The sound of a door opening pulled Lexia from her dark thoughts. She stiffened and looked into Caden’s eyes as they turned Leopard, he took in a deep breath. “That’s him.”

She couldn’t smell him yet; her sense of smell wasn’t as good as a cat but as she heard the footsteps coming closer, her heart started to hammer in her chest. She could sense him now, she knew it was him but she needed to see him before she let down her guard. Please be him, please be him she chanted over and over in her mind. She wanted to run through the door but it could all be a trick; if she let down her guard...

The door started to open and Lexia was hit with the overwhelming smell of the man she loved; her whole body hummed with anticipation and as his golden brown eyes locked with hers she let out a sigh, smiling she ran across the room into his arms. She heard the distant sound of metal clattering to the floor and muttered curse words but none of that mattered because he was alive, she’d managed to save him. All her emotions spilled out at once and she sobbed into Lincoln’s chest, holding on to him tightly.

“Shush, baby, it’s alright,” he cooed over and over to her and slowly his sweet soothing voice calmed her soul and she let go of her tight grip on him and looked into his face.

“God, Lincoln, I thought I was going to lose you, too.”

“Never, baby, never.” They stood in silence holding each other for a few minutes before Caden shuffled awkwardly, wondering whether he should just escape. They both looked around at him and Lexia felt a pang of guilt.

“Oh sorry mate, Lex this is Caden although I think you’ve already met... Tell me Lexia, why did you have a blade to my best friend’s throat?”

“Oh erm? Well... trust issues.” She gave a guilty smile in Caden’s direction. “Sorry.”

Lincoln started to laugh and eventually Caden took a step forward. “It’s okay, Lexia, you’ve been through a lot.”

“Yeah, thanks for fixing us up.”

Lincoln started to laugh again and Lexia looked up into his happy face. She crushed her lips on his and wrapped her arms around his neck. Lincoln pulled her to him just as eagerly and for a second Lexia was lost in the feel of him.

“I’m going,” she heard Caden mutter, his quick steps retreating from the room.

Lexia pulled away from Lincoln breathless. “Wait Caden, I’m starving and I need to know more about Alice.” He looked at her amused and she walked away from Lincoln glaring. “Not for him, food.”

Caden laughed and Lincoln whined. “Well I’m maybe starving for both, but food first. Oh and some clothes would be nice, too.”

“Follow me,” Caden said, still chuckling at Lincoln’s disgruntled-looking face.

Dressed in clothes Caden had bought, jogging pants and a tank top, well better than nothing! She thought as she shovelled food into her mouth, swallowing it before she’d even appreciated the taste.

“Slow down, you’ll make yourself ill.” Lexia glanced up at Caden’s stern face.

“Sorry Doc, been a while since I’ve eaten and I’ve learnt if I have the chance to eat a full meal then I should make the most of it.”

“Lex, baby, we’re safe here for now,” Lincoln murmured against her neck before nipping.

“For now,” Lexia whispered, pushing Lincoln off her. “You’re making the Doc uncomfortable.”

“He’ll survive,” Lincoln laughed.

Lexia shovelled in another mouthful, this time chewing before she swallowed. Glancing at Caden she said, “So Alice?”

“I have a friend in the FBI, he arranged for her and her family to go into witness protection.”


“I don’t know but she’s safe,” Caden replied.

“WHAT!” Lexia slammed her fork down a little harder than anticipated. Lincoln’s arms wrapped around her from behind.

“Baby, it’s safer if we don’t know where she is. If something happened, if the Hunters got a hold of us... Well, it’s just the way it works, but I saw her before she went. She was okay, a little shook up, but she’s Alice she’ll bounce back.”

“I would never tell them where she was! I – I never even said goodbye to her, told her how sorry I was.”

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