Whispers of Darkness (The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 2)(4)

By: Rachel M Raithby

Caden walked through the door from his office/surgery room (as it was been used for now) to find Lincoln had gone panther in every way but form; he stalked towards Alice. He had no idea what she'd said to set him off but Lincoln looked mad, he'd lost control of his beast and any minute he would regret his actions for the rest of his life. Caden jumped between them, "Linc, stop!"

But he just growled in response. "Linc, mate stop, she's just a human, just a girl."

Lincoln looked at his friend. Yes, she was just a girl but the things she said…

"Linc, you can see Lexia."


"Lexia," he whispered, turning towards the door.

Caden turned to Alice. "Go," before following Lincoln back into his office.

Lincoln sat by Lexia’s bed. She was so still, her beautiful skin looked deathly pale. Machines beeped around her and the whole place smelt sterile. She was black and blue, cuts and slashes marked every bit of her skin and then there were the major bullet wounds on her thigh and shoulder.

"Tell me," he said to Caden. Holding Lexia’s hand, his brain whirled with disbelief. She was always so strong; this couldn't be his Lexia, laying here broken and half-dead.

"Well, she has survived this long, Linc. God she was a mess, I have no idea how she was still standing when I found you, and mate, she still wouldn't drop her guard. That's some hunter you have found yourself and I must admit, I’m a bit shocked in your choice of girlfriend... I mean, I thought you’d decided to spend your life seeking revenge on the Hunters, if they ever showed up again."

"She’s my mate, Caden," he growled.

"Wow, mate, come on leash it, will you? Go on then tell me, I've never seen one before, just heard the stories. And shit, if they were all like her, I’m pretty pleased the government had 'em killed off. She's a warrior alright."

"She's more than a fighter, Caden, she's a person, too, and she's like a hybrid but she's not evil. She never even knew what she was until a few weeks ago. Her dad was killed and her mother Cade... she created her... to ... to rule." Lincoln sighed, pressing a kiss on Lexia’s forehead. "God baby, you need to fight this, come back to me."

"Linc, she'll be out for a while. Come on, let’s get you back in and you can explain everything to me." Lincoln looked at his friend then back at Lexia. He couldn't leave her, not when he'd been so close to losing her forever, not when he could still lose her.

“I’m not leaving her!”

“Linc, mate, you haven’t had near enough rest.”

“Well, set up a bed by her then, I’m not moving.”

"God, mate, you got it bad. Hang on, I’ll sort something out and grab you some food, not that you should be eating in a sterile environment." Caden turned and left Lincoln whispering to his mate. He was glad he'd not found his; if that's how you felt when they were hurt, he'd never seen Lincoln look so defeated, so lost. God, I hope she makes it.

Chapter 3

Hours turned into days and still, Lincoln sat by Lexia’s side. His own wound had nearly healed, just a scarred patch of skin remained, the skin all pink and red.

Caden watched as Lexia’s body healed. He was amazed at how her skin had completely healed in the places that hadn’t been so damaged. She really was amazing, not even Shifters healed to the extent of no scars. She still hadn’t woken, though, and he really had no idea why. Lincoln looked to him for answers but he had none; he’d never seen a Hunter let alone treated a Hunter hybrid. Physically she was healing, but mentally he had no idea. He just hoped for Lincoln’s sake that she woke eventually.

“Linc, really mate, you need to get out of this room, you’ve been cooped up in here for days, your panther must be going mad.” Lincoln looked at his friend. He was right, he’d never done very well being indoors for long, but what if she woke while he was gone?

“Ok, but I am not leaving the city, I’ll be half an hour at most.”

“Honestly Linc, she’s nearly healed.”

“Don’t leave her side,” Lincoln snapped.

He sighed and nodded at Lincoln, watching him leave. He settled at his desk intending to catch up with some long overdue paperwork.

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