Whispers of Darkness (The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 2)(10)

By: Rachel M Raithby

“Erm, hello? I’m bleeding here! Are you going to just stand there all day, Doc?” He couldn’t keep the smile from his face but still glanced to Lincoln before he closed the space between them. Lincoln stormed past him from the room as he bent down in front of Lexia who sat perched on the edge of the bed.

“What is his problem?” she asked confused.

Caden looked up at her to see hurt in her crystal blue eyes and a slight crease on her forehead as she stared at the door Lincoln had just left out of.

“Wow that was a good bite he gave you.” His steady hands set to work cleaning out each of the puncture holes left by the panther’s teeth. The blood had already stopped seeping from the wounds but just because she healed fast didn’t mean the wounds couldn’t get infected.

“Have I done something wrong Caden?” she whispered looking down at him. He wasn’t sure what to say; she may be Lincoln’s mate but she didn’t seem to know an awful lot about predatory shifters.

“Lex, this is Lincoln’s problem not yours. He’s been through a lot, you both have, and, well, the panther isn’t taking it so well. The panther’s core instincts are to protect their mates, to fight to the death for them and, well, your roles are reversed.”

“But he always fights for me; we fight for each other. What has that got to do with this morning - with the fact that your hands touching me is making him insane. I just, I never expected that he would be so jealous, that I’d have to be wary around other men so that he doesn’t lose it.”

Caden sighed. “All done. Lincoln doesn’t expect you to change but he’s more than just Lincoln, he’s a panther too, and right now that panther is at the surface, angry at failing you, angry that people want to harm you. All that is making it hard for Lincoln to think straight; to think with a human mind and not with the mind of a panther.”

Lexia sighed, she was madly in love with Lincoln but they’d only know each other for a short time and as she was beginning to see, they’d not had much time to get to know one another. When all this was over Lexia planned on getting to know both sides of her man.

She rubbed gently over her side. “Thanks for fixing me up, Doc.” She leaned forward, kissing him on the cheek. “And thanks for helping me understand, you’re a good friend.”

Caden watched as she left the room and sat back on the floor. His hand brushed over his cheek, mmm, definitely sparkily eyed; I need to get my feelings in check before Linc rips me to shreds.

Chapter 5

Lexia settled into a routine over the next few days. She would wake and have breakfast with both Lincoln and Caden, smiling as they bickered and joked with one another. Lincoln hadn’t told her how long he’d known Caden but she could tell by the way they acted they’d known each other for a very long time.

Caden would go to work during the day; he owned his own private practice. She and Lincoln would spend the day in his house, mostly locked in the bedroom getting lost in each other.

Lexia would cook tea for them all and then after the sun set, she and Lincoln would go into the backyard to train. Being in Caden’s house locked away from the world with Lincoln was a temporary break, Lexia knew that; she knew no matter how safe she felt, any day, any minute, it could all come crashing down around her and when it did, Lexia planned to be at her fittest, she wasn’t going down without a fight.

The rest of the night they’d all watch TV before going to bed and starting all over again in the morning.

Waking one morning, Lexia rolled over to find her bed empty. Where are you? Climbing from under the covers, she slipped on some loose shorts and a shirt of Lincoln’s he’d left on the floor and went in search of life.

She ran down the stairs, a smile on her face, and as she went to open the kitchen door, Lincoln slipped out blocking her way.

“What are you up to?”


“Hmm, nothing, aye! Then move please.” She smiled.

“Not yet, I want a kiss first.” He flashed that cocky smile of his, which always sent her back to the cafe in Deadwood.

“You’re hiding something, Linc, I can tell. That smile doesn’t turn me into a swooning idiot anymore, move.”

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