WILDER:The Mountain Man's Babies(9)

By: Frankie Love

Frowning I walk to the front door of the cabin. The cabin that is overflowing with baby paraphernalia.

Baby gates and baskets of toys that blink and bop and bug the shit out of me. Can’t say they’re going anywhere, though, the twins love anything that is loud and bright. The more obnoxious, the better.

“What are you two doing here?” I ask Rosie and Harper.

They walk past me, into the house. “We are here to give you a day off,” Rosie says, helping herself to a cup of coffee.

“You might want to make a fresh pot.”

She nods and gets to work.

“Not just a day,” Harper says. “A day and night.”

I run my hand over my beard. “What’s this about?”

“It’s about you telling us that you had plans for May 10th a month ago,” Rosie says, adding coffee grounds to the filter like she owns the place. Truth is, she and Harper have been my saving grace these past months.

Being a mom is no easy feat, and these two don’t necessarily make it easy, but they make it bearable. They stop by with casseroles and DVD’s or tell me to load up the jogging stroller and meet them for a walk at the lake.

Jaxon and Buck never give me hard time about it either, playing house with their wives. They weren’t lying or just talking shit the day of the funeral, we’ve all been in this together since day one.

I wanted a nanny, but apparently finding one who wants to move to the middle of fucking nowhere with a single man is a mighty hard task. No one has been up for the gig.

“No way, I can’t go to Spokane tonight. She might not even show.” I shake my head; I haven’t left the twins for a night since they came home. Briar and Finn are my entire world now, and being here is how I can show them they are my priority.

“That’s ridiculous, if the connection you felt was real, she’ll be there, it’s too romantic for her not to come,” Harper says, grabbing creamer from the fridge. “Besides, it’s all set. Jaxon and Buck have our kids, and I’m taking yours. Rosie is going to stay here and clean house–because honestly, this place is a man slash baby cave, and when you come home tomorrow you will feel like a new person.”

I sit on a stool at the kitchen island, trying to think this through. Of course, I want to see Stella, but then I look over and see Briar fussing, reaching out her arms, and I know she needs me more.

Rosie sees where my eyes land, and she walks right over and picks up Briar, resting her on her hip. “Listen, we aren’t asking. We are telling. You need a break.”

Harper hands me a mug of coffee, and I take a sip knowing if I were going to trust anyone with the babies, it would be these two women and their men. Still, I have my reservations.

“I just get scared that something might happen to me,” I admit. “Then what would happen to them?”

Rosie’s eyes soften as she sets Briar in her jump-a-roo. “When I was pregnant with the twins, I was so scared, had so many what ifs, but Wilder, sometimes you have to take a chance. I did, I left my uncle’s and it saved my life.”

Harper nods and we all know her story is just as messed up as Rosie’s–she had to run away from an abusive family. “I remember when you talked about what you did in Seattle, after the meeting with the show, you got so happy remembering Stella. You haven’t smiled like that since.”

I shrug. “How could I? There’s nothing to smile about, my brother and his wife died.”

Harper sighs. “I know, but you didn’t, Wilder. You still have a life to live.”

“Go see her,” Rosie prods, and I know I need to do what these two say.

I’ve been around them with Jax and Buck long enough to know who is the boss in their houses. It may seem like the big alphas are in control, but these women have those boys whipped.

Damn, I wouldn’t mind Stella whipping me into shape, either.

Then I’d pin her against the wall.

“Alright, I’ll do it.” I press my hand against the counter, going all in.

“Good. But first,” Harper says, furrowing her brows. “You seriously need to shower.”

Chapter Eight

This is insanity. Straight up crazy making.

Straight up baby making.

I still can’t believe I am pregnant. But I’m twelve weeks along and have my first ultrasound scheduled in two days.

It’s the busiest week of my life.

The day after the ultrasound I go on my first assignment for the show–and will be crisscrossing the country working for six weeks straight.

But before that, I’m staying at the Davenport.

The plane lands in Spokane and I turn my phone on while I wait to disembark.

Me: Landed. Safe. Wish me luck.

Anna: You need to be firm. Honest. Don’t get sidetracked.

Anna and I had talked ad nauseam about this rendezvous. I have no clear indication that Wilder will even show, but I hope he does. If not I might have to hire a PI to track him down. It will be so much better if I can see him, talk face-to-face, and explain my plan.

Me: I hope he shows.

Anna: He will. Keep me posted.

I get off the plane and head to the Davenport hotel where the design conference is. The last thing I want to do right now is sit in a stuffy room listening to speakers, but my mom paid for me to attend, and I want to up my game any possible way I can before the show starts next week. Besides, if I sit in the hotel room for hours alone, I’ll only obsess about the future.