Vrin Ten Mortal Gods(59)

By: John Michael Hileman

Gaza wiggled his fingers, and the ground became a sea of green acid. The creatures screamed as they entered the liquid, but again an awful song arose, and they began to sprout wings and take to the air.

Gaza waved his hand. All of the strands around the structure appeared as thin razor sharp wires. The strands stretched from the green acrid lake below to the now darkened sky above.

The demons wailed as the strands cut them to shreds. But there arose yet another song, and the black creatures phased into energy. Their faint outlines melted into each other, creating a dense dark cloud.

He tried again and again to thwart their advance, but they were no longer in phase with Vrin. Being this close to the power of The Circle gave them the ability to travel like apparitions through whatever Gaza threw at them.

He was becoming more frustrated.

I spoke in a calming voice. “Gaza. Your wife lives on in Ethral, and your daughter has turned toward the light as well. The question is, are you willing to give up Constance, to do what is right? Kric' tu cannot be allowed to take Vrin, it would have eternal implications. You can stop him.”

I watched as the darkness grew closer and closer. I wanted to take action. I could set things in motion to destroy Kric' tu and his army-- but the ring on my finger gave a gentle squeeze, reminding me that it was not my decision to make.

As I stood waiting, everything suddenly came together, and I understood! This was all a set up! God knew exactly what would happen. He’d brought me here because he foresaw every choice I would make. He knew the choices each and every one of us would make, and he brought it all together. I trusted now. It would happen, just as it was written. Because God said so. And God was never wrong.

Gaza turned and strode back to The Circle. He reached out and touched the veil gently. “Promise me I will see you in Ethral,” he said softly. It was clear in his tone, that he had made up his mind.

A single tear streaked down his daughter’s cheek. “I love you, Daddy,” she whispered.

His face hardened with grief. “I love you too, baby.”

He turned and raised his hands into the air. The sky shook. The Circle of Ghosts shimmered and shuddered. For a moment, eternity held its breath. Then all at once, The Circle collapsed in upon itself, causing a violent shock wave to erupt from the structure. It ripped through the ranks of the enemy. After reaching its full distance, it drew back like an undertow. Below The Circle a whirlpool began to form. The energy of Dantra was being drawn out of Vrin. Like black sand, the dark figures began to come apart and were swept into the funnel of energy below.

Soon The Circle would be sealed, just as the scripture had predicted.

I stood over Gaza and my form tore away as the whirlpool of energy pulled at it, for I too was made from the energy of Dantra.

The creator of Vrin fell to the ground, weeping bitterly. His daughter was gone. But now he had a new hope, a hope that one day he would be reunited with her in Ethral. “God forgive me,” he sobbed.

It was then that I noticed a ring forming on his finger. He looked at it with surprise.

I smiled. “It is the very seal of God.”

He lifted his hand and examined it closely. There was an inscription upon it.

It read, “Come home.”