Vexed (Iron Bulls MC #4)(9)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

“Oh, Romeo, Reed, right there. That’s…” My words evaporate as my muscles finally spasm around him.

“Fuck, Athena.” He grinds into me harder. Relentlessly. Until he thrusts once more and comes with a satisfied, growly noise that makes me feel like an A-list porn star.

“You’re gonna kill me. I’m too old to work that hard,” Romeo says with a lazy smirk.


He leans over and presses a kiss to my forehead then leaves to clean himself up. I sit and gather my clothes. He probably wants me to leave. I can be dignified about this, right? No way am I planning to be some clingy chick who overstays her welcome. One and done.

The corners of my mouth lift. Or two and done.

Romeo steps out of the bathroom and the fierce expression on his face makes me reconsider. “Where’re you going?”

“I…uh. Well, I figured you didn’t want me to stay over. You don’t have to worry. I’m not gonna be like, some virgin clinger or something now that you deflowered me.”

In three, maybe four steps, he crosses the room and yanks my clothes out of my hands. “Were you listening before?”


“I ain’t letting you go. You climbed into my bed willingly, gave me that sweet pussy. You’re not leaving.”

My dream of moving to California keeps beating at the edge of my mind. “Are you serious?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“What about—”

“Athena, I’m tired. You’re staying. Can we do this tomorrow?” He stalks over to his dresser and tosses a T-shirt at me. “Put this on so you don’t wake up with my mouth on your tits.”

“I might like that.”

“You’re my sassy little bitch, aren’t you?”

My jaw drops. “Did you just call me a bitch?”

His mouth twists into one of those sexy smirks that make my girly parts tingle.

“Fuck yeah, I did,” he says, completely unapologetic. “Now. We’re clear. You’re staying.”

Instead of words, I nod, although I don’t know why I bother. He didn’t ask.

Once we’re settled in bed, my head’s resting on his chest but my mind won’t settle down.

I feel like I just made a promise I can’t keep.


Waking with the soft weight of a woman in my bed isn’t a regular occurrence for me, believe it or not. Athena wasn’t wrong last night. Usually, I prefer to sleep alone. Hell, half the time girls don’t even make it through my bedroom door.

I like my space.

Makes it even funnier that the one girl I actually want to spend the night, was ready to jet about five seconds after I pulled my dick out of her.

The sensation of being used as her personal body pillow doesn’t fill me with dread.


Hooking my finger in a tangle of blonde curls, I push her hair off her face so I can get a better look at her. No raccoon eyes or smeared makeup. A fresh-faced sleeping beauty.

What the fuck am I doing with a girl half my age?

Before I have a chance to give it any more thought, Athena stirs. Her breathing changes. Her lashes tickle my skin. Finally, she picks her head up off my chest and blinks a few times.

“Are you staring at me?”

“Yeah. You’re a pretty girl.” Prettiest girl I’ve woken up with in a long time. But I keep that to myself, because I doubt she’ll find it flattering.

Her eyes widen like no one’s ever paid her a compliment before. How is that even possible?

I can’t help stroking my finger across her cheek. “How do you feel?”

“Happy,” she says without thinking it over.

I don’t know what I expected her to say. The directness of that one word has a simple innocence to it. I want her to wake up happy every day. I want to be the one who makes her wake up happy every day.

“I meant, are you sore?”

“Oh.” She wrinkles her nose and shifts, which stirs my dick to life—not that he hadn’t been on alert as it was. “A little.”

My thumb traces over her bottom lip. “We can do other things today.”

She nips my finger. “That’s right. You promised to put your mouth all over me last night and never got to it.”