Vexed (Iron Bulls MC #4)(8)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

He drops his head, pressing his lips to mine. I’ve never been kissed by a man. Only boys my own age and they clearly didn’t know what they were doing. Kissing Romeo is better than almost going all the way with Bobby.

His bristly five-o-clock shadow rasps against my skin. I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to kiss Romeo since the day we met. Now I know. It’s as if he’s conquering me, permanently ruining my mind, soul, and mouth for any other man. I try kissing him back, but I’m lost in the way his tongue caresses mine, the way his stubble scrapes against my skin, his erection digging into my thigh. I let my legs fall open, inviting him in once again.

When he finally pulls back, he’s breathing hard. Dark eyes stare back at me, burning with need.

“You sure you can take me again?” he asks, glancing down at his rapidly growing erection.

“Wow,” I mutter.

“I like that,” he says as he presses his lips to mine again. He keeps kissing me, invading my mouth and thoughts. I’m swirling so deep, I barely register the shift of his body or the ripping of a wrapper. I do notice the nudge of his cock against my entrance again, so I spread my legs wider and lift my hips, letting him slide right in. He groans into my mouth and I swallow down the beautiful sound of making this man lose control.

We’re both breathing hard when we part. “I gotta see you, baby.” It’s the only warning I get before he rolls us to the side. Somehow his cock slips free, but he settles me on top of him. “Lift up.”

Confused, it takes a second to figure out what he wants. I rise up on my knees, and he settles one hand on my shoulder, keeping me where he wants. His other hand fists his cock, holding himself steady so I can sink down.

“Oh my God,” I gasp and try to raise myself, but his hand on my shoulder keeps me in place.

“Take it for me, Athena. You can do it.”

“Oh. Ow. Oh.”

He chuckles at the silly sounds that keep popping out of my mouth. Once I’ve got the hang of it, he cups my hips and urges me up and down. My head falls back and my eyes close. His hands slide up my rib cage, stopping below my breasts and I realize how exposed I am up here. My head snaps up, eyes open. I cross my arms over my chest, slowing my movements. Romeo’s forehead slashes into a frown.

“What’re you doing?”

“I don’t…I’m all flat compared to—”

He smacks my hands away. “What’d I tell you? Don’t fuckin’ hide yourself from me.” His hands roughly close over my breasts, squeezing and tweaking my nipples. “These are fuckin’ beautiful. Fit my hands just right. Knock your shit off and ride my dick.”

I’m not used to so many crude commands. Hell, I’m not used to any of this. My brain might be insulted, but my body loves it. Heat races over my skin and my pussy throbs with pleasure.

“That’s better,” he growls, dragging his hands away from my tits and back to my hips.


“That’s it.”

“Oh my…oh shit. So good.”

He groans in agreement and when I glance down, his eyes are screwed shut. “Are you okay?” Crap. Am I hurting him? Doing it too hard?

“I’m trying not to blow until you come, sweetheart.”

Oh. Oh. “I…I,” I stutter, close to something happening.

He lifts me off him, tossing me to the side. “Reed!”

“Hands and knees. Don’t fuck around.”

I’m mortified. Especially when he grabs my hips, yanking me into the position he wants, leaving me so exposed. Then I’m gasping in pleasure as he pushes back inside. “Am I hurting you?”

It’s different. But it doesn’t hurt. “No.”

The first few strokes are gentle and feel amazing. He zaps nerves I didn’t know I had to life. After he lets me get used to the new position, he moves faster. Harder. Deep strokes until he’s pounding into me so hard, I can’t keep myself up. “Ow.”

“Too much?”


He grunts and pulls out. Grabs me and flips me onto my back, and before I know what’s happening, he’s back inside. We both groan as he pushes in as deep as he can, then slowly swivels his hips grinding himself into my clit.