Vexed (Iron Bulls MC #4)(61)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

"Have a seat." He swept his hand toward the two chairs stationed in front of his wide desk.

"Uh, I need to go follow Mr…." Crap! What was the guy’s name?

"North. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. You did an excellent job. How would you feel if I appointed some minor criminal matters to you?"

Like throwing up on a regular basis.

"That might be okay," I said.

"I can assign someone for you to shadow for a couple cases, until you get the hang of it."

I interpreted that as I’d get to do all the work, while my "mentor" collected the fee. As if I needed any more complications in my life.

Handcuff-free and back in my street clothes, I looked around for my new attorney. She hadn't followed the guys downstairs, and I wondered where she could possibly be. I didn't even have her card.

"Prez, why you want to keep this snatch around? Glassman will take care of this," Murphy asked, not realizing how close he was to an ass-kicking.

I flexed my hands. "That fucker couldn't be bothered to show up. With the amount of money we pay him, that's bullshit. She did a fine job."

"You want to tap that? She's a fine piece. I get it."

I did indeed want to tap that, but something about Wrath—probably my oldest and closest friend—speaking about her that way pissed me the hell off.

"Shut the fuck up."

His eyes widened, but his mouth snapped shut. Zero and Wrath exchanged glances, and I glared at both of them in response.

A gentle clicking against the concrete floors sounded a few seconds before she poked her head around the corner. "Sorry, took me a minute. Everything okay?"

I finished signing the last paper, collected my wallet, and nodded. "I'm good."

Her gaze roamed over my brothers, a mildly freaked out expression forming.

"Come 'ere, doll." I motioned her over to the exit. I wanted to get the fuck out of this building and out of downtown Ironworks. I never shoulda been over the bridge anyway. If I'd stuck to my own damn territory, this bullshit wouldn't have gone down.

But then I wouldn't have met the pretty counselor.

I gave the guys my "get the fuck lost" face, and they beat feet ahead of us.

"Can I have your card?"

"Oh, of course." She stopped and fumbled with her briefcase for a few seconds. Flustered, she huffed a bit of air up, ruffling her bangs. Cutest damn thing I'd ever seen. Tossing her head side to side, she marched over to a bench and set the briefcase down. Bending over to flip open the bag, I bet she didn't realize I got an eyeful—a nice, straight shot down her cleavage. I'd known a lot of women who did this exact thing looking to get a response like mine. But this chick, she had no idea. Holy hell, this girl was dangerous.

I shifted my weight from side to side while I contemplated circling around to check out the back view when she straightened up and thrust a bright green and off-white colored card at me. Unique and pretty, just like her.

"Sorry." She flashed a nervous grin.

"No problem." I took the card. Hope Kendall, Esq. God. Damn.

I flipped my wallet out of my cut and fished out five hundred-dollar bills, curled them over, and handed them to her.

She protested immediately. "Oh my gosh, Mr. North, I can't take that much. One hundred would be fine." She thrust the cash back at me.

I couldn’t remember if I’d ever heard anyone over the age of five say "gosh" before. It was really fucking cute coming from Hope’s mouth. I also didn't think I had ever known a person to turn down money when offered to them.

"No. You did an excellent job, considering it was sprung on you at the last minute. You earned it."

She blushed and looked down at her shoes. "Thank you."

Damn, she was sweet. She had this bright, wholesome thing going on. Why it got me so fucking hard, I had no idea. I usually didn’t do clean. I liked my hookups nasty and dirty.

"No problem," I said. "Now, I’m starving. Let's go grab some lunch."

She hesitated, which was why I hadn't asked her to lunch.

"I should really…"

"You have to be in court somewhere else?"


"So let's go eat."

"Don't you want to join your friends?" She gestured to the corner where Zero, Wrath, and Murphy had stopped for a smoke.