Vexed (Iron Bulls MC #4)(57)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

Coming sometime in 2016

* * *


I should be dead or worse by now.

Taking in the collection of seedy men in the room, I think I prefer death.

I’m anxious to see the sun rise. You know, since it will probably be my last one.

For once I’m completely innocent in this whole mess. I had a night out with my new-found half-sister, Karina, and her best friend, Athena. At the last club we went to I ran into a bitch from high school. We traded a few insults and then my very proper sister dragged me out of there before the hair-pulling started. Although she’s hooked up with the Sergeant at Arms of the Iron Bulls MC, my sister seems to be a gentle soul. I would have preferred to throw a few punches at Ivy Wilder before we left, but Karina didn’t give me the option.

On my way home, a pack of bikers forced my car off the road and brought me here.

You see, I’d forgotten that my high school frenemy’s father was president of the Red Storm MC, which runs some of the surrounding territory. I’d also forgotten that Ivy was a whiny bitch who couldn’t handle her own battles without running to daddy for help.

The sound of no fewer than ten Harleys pulling into the parking lot makes me want to beg for death.

“Guess what, princess? Someone came for you after all.”

Great. My step-father. Hell, not even my stepfather. My ex-stepfather. And if I’m lucky—yes, that’s sarcasm—he brought his son, my ex-stepbrother with him.

The men who’d been guarding me, surround the men who just arrived. How far could I run before one of them caught me?

Or shot me?

Doesn’t really matter since I’m tied to this fucking chair.

“Got nerve wearing your cut in our territory, Bolt.” The president of the Red Storm MC greets my ex-stepfather.

Ah yes, Bolt Savage, President of the Savage Dragons MC. They control a hell of a lot more territory than Red Storm does. This should be interesting.

“That my daughter you got tied to a fucking chair?”

Ah, Bolt. He always did have a way of getting right to the point.

It’s why he and my worthless mother are no longer together. She’s not fond of hearing the truth. Bolt has no filter and a low bullshit tolerance. Two annoying qualities his son inherited.

“Your daughter?”

I clear my throat and chuckle at the same time. “I tried to tell you, asshole.”

Behind me, someone yanks my hair. “Watch your mouth, bitch.”

“Hey! Get your hands off her.” That would be my stepbrother, Blaise Savage, Vice President of the Savage Dragons MC.

Ex-stepbrother. Very ex.

Because if we were still step-siblings, the things we did together the last time we saw each other would be a little squicky.

Despite my predicament, my body heats at the memory.

“What the fuck you doing here, Dante? What’s your stake?” Deacon shouts.

Oh, goodie. Karina’s scary boyfriend joined the rescue party. Friggin’ bikers.

There’s just way too many of them in my life.

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