Vexed (Iron Bulls MC #4)(56)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

The drive home doesn’t seem as long when we’re together. He drives while I tell him all my stories from the set of the television show I’ve been working on. It’s nothing major. A tiny, tiny recurring role on a big show.

Okay, it’s a big deal. The pay is shit, but I’m meeting lots of people.

While the show’s on a break from filming, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than with Romeo. Even if it is at the clubhouse.

Except, he goes right past the turn-off for the Iron Bull compound. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

“Are we going to Dante and Karina’s?” I have plans with Karina for the day after tomorrow. Tonight and tomorrow are reserved exclusively for my man.


We pass Dante’s driveway, and still Romeo continues into the mountains. Finally, he turns into a long driveway and it’s a long way before a house comes into view.

“Where are we?”

“You’ll see.”

It’s a modest log cabin-type of home on the outside. There’s nothing modest about the inside though. High-end kitchen, a wall of windows that looks out over the mountains, a spiral staircase to the top floor. It’s not completely furnished yet. “It’s beautiful, but whose is it?” I ask.

“Mine,” Romeo answers. “Ours.”

“Ohmygod!” While I don’t mind being at the clubhouse, sometimes it’s a bit much on my short visits home. I’ve never complained about it. My eyes burn with unshed tears and my lip quivers. He just knew.

He takes my hand and leads me downstairs. “What’s down here?”

“My favorite part.”

He leads me into a room and slides a switch by the door up, illuminating enough for me to see it’s a home theater.

“This is so cool.”

I’m walking through the space, touching the wide, leather theater-style seats when I notice Romeo slide the doors closed and dim the lights again.

“Have a seat.”

“Are we watching something now?”

“Oh, yeah. Been waitin’ way too long to watch this with you.”

Confused, I take one of the seats in the middle of the room. The chairs are big enough, that Romeo settles in next to me. Our shoulders and thighs press together and I tuck one of my hands under his elbow.

“Ready?” he asks.

And I know what’s coming.


I’ve watched myself onscreen a few times. The television show.

This is mature content, only appropriate for us. I don’t look half bad, shyly posing and teasing him. But when he sets the camera down and comes into view.


“Fuck, you’re hot,” I mutter.

Next to me, Romeo chuckles. His hand moves over my thigh, between my legs.

By the time the film gets to the good stuff, we’re not even looking at the screen. We’re way too entwined in each other.

“Think we’ll ever watch it to the end?” I ask between kisses.

Against my mouth he smiles. “Probably not.”

I hope you loved Romeo and Athena’s story. As with all of my stories, their end is more of a Happy For Now, given that Athena is only eighteen.

Originally, I planned for Kadence’s book to be #4, but while I was finishing up Entwined, Romeo demanded that I work on his story. Because of the similar age difference between Romeo and Athena and Dante and Karina, I worried their stories would sound too much alike. Thankfully, Athena had exhibitionist tendencies rather than babygirl ones, so I think the two couples ended up being very distinct.

If you haven’t noticed, I enjoy my alpha heroes crude and dirty, but with a soft side that is always looking out for what’s best for his lady. Too many times lately I’ve read books where there hero isn’t alpha, he’s just an asshole looking to get his dick wet. While Romeo may have started out that way, I like to think that by supporting Athena’s ambitions, he turned himself into a true alpha hero. To me, there’s nothing sexier than a growly, dirty-talker who respects his woman and puts her needs before his own. Women, especially young women, shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Thanks for reading!


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