Vexed (Iron Bulls MC #4)(55)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

I lean over and press a quick kiss to her lips. “Yes, it was.”

After dropping the condom in one of the trashcans, I find her still slumped against the car. I reach out and run my fingers over her cheek, and help her into her clothes.

She nods at the trashcan. “Thank you.”

Knowing exactly what she means, I nod. I wrap my hands around her waist and pull her close. “Figured since I stole your underwear, least I could do is make sure you’re not running around with my cum dripping down your legs.”

“Damn, you’re dirty,” she whispers.

I take her mouth in a kiss and give her ass a squeeze.

When we part, she’s flushed, and I contemplate taking her into my office. Maybe spreading her out on my desk—

Her voice interrupts my dirty desk fantasy. “I think we left sex prints all over this car. Is the owner going to be mad?”

“I dunno. You tell me.” I dig out a key and hand it over.

“What’s this? What are you—”

“You need something to get back and forth to L.A.”

“It’s mine? You got me my seventy-six Corvette?” Her voice keeps rising in pitch as the pieces fall into place for her.

“Well, someone brought in as a trade, and I’ve been fixing—”

She squeals and jumps up to hug me. “Oh my God! That’s…thank you.”

Fuck, do I love her. “Sparkly paint’s coming this week. And Locke’s been practicing his Strawberry Shortcakes.” Man, has he been pissed about that, too.

Her eyes shine with unshed tears. “I mentioned that once. One time, Reed. The night we…got together. And you remembered?”

“Fuck yeah. Silliest thing I ever heard. Fucking cute as hell, though.”

She hugs me again. “You really don’t mind me going back to L.A.?”

“Yeah, I fuckin’ mind. But I’ll visit you and you’ll come home. Then, when you’re a big movie star, you can buy us a house half way.” I brush a few loose curls off her cheek. “Nothing else matters as long as you’re mine.”

“I’m yours. I’m so yours.” She reaches up and gives me another kiss. When we part, she glances at the car again. “Thank you, Reed.”

“Anything for you, Shortcake.”

* * *

Six months later…

“Hurry up, Biker Barbie, Ken’s going to be here any minute,” Elliot shouts.

“You better not call him that to his face,” I warn as I join him in the living room. Romeo’s accepted Elliot as my roommate, even if he doesn’t always appreciate Elliot’s sense of humor.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” He runs his skeptical gaze over my cupcake leggings. “What are you wearing? Pajamas? At least pretend you’re not going to fuck as soon as you see each other.”

“Shut up. He likes these.”

The buzzer downstairs goes off and my heart races. Sure enough, a few seconds later, Romeo’s knocking at the door. We don’t speak at first. I throw myself against him and he catches me, lifting me up, pulling me against him. Our mouths meet and get reacquainted while everything else fades away.

Elliot clears his throat and I draw back.

“I’d leave you two alone, but you’re kinda blocking the door.”

Romeo’s mouth slides into a smirk and he holds his hand out to Elliot for a quick shake. “Good to see you, kid. My girl been behaving?”

“Hey,” I protest, smacking Romeo’s arm.

Elliot shakes his head. “Not one bit.”

“Shut up,” I grumble, but I’m laughing too.

Elliot leans over and gives me a brief hug. “Have a safe trip home. See you in a few weeks?”


Romeo watches Elliot leave. Once the door shuts, he pounces, grabbing me and carrying me into the bedroom.

“Missed the fuck out of you,” he mumbles against my mouth.

* * *

Later, when we’re properly worn out, he leads me downstairs to the garage where my car’s stored.

“You want to drive my car home?”

“Yeah. I’ll leave this bike in your garage.”

I notice it’s not his regular ride. This one is devoid of any Iron Bulls MC logos or colors. The respectful way to ride through territories claimed by other clubs, Romeo’s explained to me.