Vexed (Iron Bulls MC #4)(53)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

“How’s that workin’ out?”

“I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Karina’s wearing such a smug smile, I approach her carefully.

“Surprised you can walk,” she greets me.

“You’re one to talk.”

Kadence joins us and eyes me up and down. “The president? Aren’t you a go-getter.”

I flash a weak smile. I still haven’t decided if I like her or not.

“Although,” she continues. “Bikers are bullshit.” She points at Karina, then me. “You two don’t have a fucking clue what you’re getting into.”

Karina’s forehead wrinkles, but she doesn’t respond.

Not bothered by her sister’s silence, Kadence throws a hostile glance around the open room. “They’re bossy, demanding, and have ridiculous double-standards about women.”

“Sounds like you’re hung up on one particular biker to me,” Karina says.

Kadence turns her big sister glare on Karina. “Careful, little sister.” Her eyes narrow. “Did he explain how the Iron Bulls claim their ol’ ladies yet?” she asks, nodding at Dante.

I watch, fascinated as Karina’s cheeks turn a deep pink. “Yes.”

“Wait. What do they do?” I ask.

Kadence lifts her chin at the closed chapel doors. “They fuck you on the table in front of everyone.”

Whoa. Prickles of heat race over my skin. My eyes seek Romeo out. Casually leaning against the wall, talking to Dante. He nods and one corner of his mouth lifts when our eyes meet. Glancing around the room I take in the other brothers. What would it be like to have Romeo give a very visual explanation of how I only belong to him? Would he bend me over the table in front of everyone? Would the guys sit in their chairs and just watch or would Romeo make them stand on the other side of the room? Would he have me strip naked in front of all his brothers?

The possibilities dance through my head, leaving me a little dizzy.

Karina smacks her sister’s arm. “Mind your own business.”

“Just looking out for you, little sis.”

“I already knew.”

“You did?” I ask, my voice about ten decibels louder than necessary. Wow.

Karina blushes an even deeper shade of red. “Dante explained it to me after graduation.” She glares at her sister. “He doesn’t think I’m ready for it yet, so he wants to wait. But thanks for your concern, sis.”

Kadence isn’t bothered by the anger coloring Karina’s words. The two of them might not have been raised together but they’re like the difference between a hurricane and a blizzard. Both destructive weather that cause damage in different ways. Kadence’s anger seems to simmer right below the surface, while Karina has much more of a slow burn temper. I know because I’ve been on the receiving end of it once or twice in our many years of friendship.

I have a million more questions about this claiming thing, but I don’t want to ask in front of Kadence.

“Is that how they do it in your ex’s club? Is that why you broke up?” Karina asks

Kadence shakes her head and in a minute I know why. Romeo’s arm slips around my waist. “You girls all right?”

Despite her obvious dislike of the club, Kadence smiles brightly at Romeo and I’m overcome with an urge to, oh I don’t know, scratch her eyes out for being a little too flirty with my man.

“Thanks for letting me hang out in your club, sir,” Kadence says while batting her lashes.

Romeo doesn’t seem affected by her act. He smirks in response. “Dante didn’t give me much choice.”


Kadence smiles wide and innocent. “We were just talking about the claiming ceremony you guys have here.”

“That so?” Romeo glances at me, and I shrug.

“I figured you’d tell me when you were ready.”

My response seems to relax him and he ushers us outside for dinner.

After a few drinks, Kadence drops her hostility and we actually have fun. The three of us make plans to go out when Karina’s summer classes are over.

After dinner, Romeo pulls me away from the girls, into the shadows where we sort of dance to the music filling the yard. It’s sweet and romantic—and surprises me.