Vexed (Iron Bulls MC #4)(4)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

“Is that what you want to do, Athena? Talk?” I force a smile so I don’t scare her off. She’s so close, I can feel the heat of her body pulsing against me. I tilt my head and brush my lips over her cheek, working my way to her ear, inhaling her scent—innocence and strawberries. “Because I had something else in mind.”

“Wha—oh,” she gasps, finally getting the full meaning of my words. Her breathing picks up. At least now we’re on the same page.

I stand and hold my hands out to her. She lets me pull her up off the couch. I fight off the urge to toss her over my shoulder and smack her ass, claiming her as mine in front of everyone. Instead, I wrap my hand around hers—and ignore how easily we fit together. I’m not a hand-holding type of guy.

She tucks in behind me, while I weave us through the crowd and I try to not break into a sprint. There’s no drunken stumble down the hallway—I hardly touched my drink. No, I want to remember every single detail about this night. Once we clear the common area, she moves to my side. She seems as eager as I am.

The walk down the hallway to my room never seemed so long.

At the door, I stop and take her in. She flashes a soul-wrecking smile at me and I can’t open the door fast enough.

Inside, I flick on a small lamp. Athena presses her back against the door. As if she just realized what’s about to happen.

I’m not an asshole. She wants to go, I ain’t gonna stop her, no matter how much I might want to. I’m dying to tangle our tongues together again. Strip her naked. Fill my hands with her soft skin.

Her eyes widen as I approach her with slow steps. My room’s a decent size, but it’s not that big, so I’m towering over her in no time. Huge eyes stare up at me and in the shadowy darkness, I can barely make out their bold, blue color. For some reason, that bugs me.

She surprises me by reaching out and touching me first. Slides her hands up over my pecs to my shoulders. I lose it, yanking her closer, but taking a gentle kiss.

At first.

The press of my mouth against hers deepens and my hands slide down into the dip of her narrow waist. My thumbs flick at the hem of her silky tank top. Underneath, her skin’s warm and soft. So fucking soft.

Each kiss, she returns with equal enthusiasm. I lose a bit more control with every quick dart of her tongue against mine. I groan into her mouth and shove my hands up the sides of her ribcage until my fingers brush against the edge of her bra. I’m dying to see her in it and tug at her shirt.

I’ve been hard since she walked in the door, but being all pressed up against her velvety softness makes the situation behind my fly even more painful. I almost have her shirt off when she stops me.

“Wait. Romeo...I don’t even know your real name.”

“So?” I strip off her shirt and toss it on my dresser.

Fuck, she’s fucking beautiful. The edge of my thumb brushes over one lace-covered nipple and she gasps.

Her eyes close. “I’ve never done this before,” she whispers.

All the blood rushing to my dick must be fucking with my hearing. “What?”

“I’m a virgin.”

Fuck me.

“Wish you’d mentioned that sooner, sweetheart.”

She lifts her chin, defiant eyes staring up at me. “Does it matter?”

“Yeah. It matters.” It matters because all of a sudden my dick’s even more excited. This girl’s mine. All fucking mine. “You want me to stop?” I ask as I brush my thumbs over her nipples again.

“You don’t mind?”

She’s killing me. “No, Shortcake. I don’t fucking mind one bit. But I should warn you—”

Her nose wrinkles. “Warn me?”

I press one finger against her lips to keep her quiet. “I already like you. You got me thinking things I’ve never considered before. Giving me that pussy first might complicate things. You understand me?”


“It means, I’m not letting you go. You’re in my bed from now on.” I keep my gaze focused on her face, trying to read her reaction. Uncertainty lingers in her eyes.

“Is that some weird biker proposal?”


She chews on her bottom lip.

“I really want it to be you. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we met.”