Vexed (Iron Bulls MC #4)(10)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

Honest to God laughter rumbles out of me. She grins and pushes herself up, accidentally brushing her hand over my cock.

“Oh.” Curious eyes stare at me. “Morning wood’s a real thing, huh? Not a myth?”

“No myth.” I really wish I hadn’t bothered to give her the T-shirt to sleep in last night. Feeling her warm, satin skin up against me would have made this morning perfect. Tonight she gets no clothes.

I reach down to pull her to me for a kiss, but she shies away. Pink colors her cheeks. “I need to pee.”

Shit, she makes me laugh. “Go. Me and my morning wood will be waiting for you.”

“Cocky motherfucker,” she mumbles as she crawls over me. It only makes me laugh harder.

Couple minutes later she’s standing in my doorway with a face full of confusion and maybe hurt. “Why do you have a girl’s T-shirt on your floor in here?”

Here’s my punishment for being such a slob.

Okay, maybe I don’t encourage a lot of chicks into my personal space. Doesn’t mean some haven’t spent time in here. But after last night, only girl in here is Athena. That I know for certain.

“It’s B.A.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Before Athena,” I explain and run my gaze over her to see if she’s buying it.

“Eww. Tell me you didn’t fuck someone yesterday before I got here.”

I actually have to think about it. “No.”

“So you’re just a pig who doesn’t clean up after himself?”

“Pretty much.”

She grumbles and tosses the shirt back in the bathroom. Then strolls to the side of the bed and stares down at me. “Are you planning to feed me?”

“Yeah, my cock.”

Her jaw drops in a cute, shocked way that’s so hot, it makes me want to say more obnoxious things. “Did you really just say that?”

“Yup.” There’s no point in hiding who I really am if I want her to stick around.

Her mouth twists into a smirk, and I think she’s trying not to laugh. I reach out and run my fingers up her bare thigh, up under her shirt to her hip. “Well, at least you’re direct.”

“Got no time for bullshit.”

“Will you teach me how you like it done?”

I assume she means I need to teach her how to give a blowjob, which is fine by me. “Fuck, yeah.”

Her stomach rumbles and I get a prick of something. A conscience? Concern for someone other than my dick? That’s new. Throwing off the sheet, I sit up and pull her to me. Her arms settle around my neck and she tips her head down. “Guess you’re hungry?”

She nods so vigorously, it makes me laugh. “I think I’ll be a more attentive student if I’m not lightheaded from hunger.”

Christ, she’s cute. “Give me a second.”

When I return from the bathroom, she’s wearing her skirt from last night and my T-shirt. Except, now she’s tied it in a knot at her hip. “Cute.”

Her smile’s bright and beautiful. I could compliment her all day long if that face were the reward. The way she watches me pull on jeans and a shirt has me wanting to say fuck it to the food but I keep it together.

My cock doesn’t control me, as much as it thinks otherwise.

Weird. In my head, I imagined hanging out at the Iron Bulls MC clubhouse would be fun and exciting. Decadent and dirty. And it was. Last night. This morning, it’s a bunch of hungover half-dressed people.

As soon as we enter the main room, one of Romeo’s club brothers calls him over and he drags me along.

“Everything good?” he asks the guy whose leather vest reads “Nero.”

Nero glances at me and I’m about to take that as my cue to get lost when Romeo pulls me into his lap. His arm bands around my waist keeping me tethered to his body. Nero raises an eyebrow before continuing the conversation.

“Yeah. No trouble. All clear.”

Romeo nods as if the vague words have some meaning to him. The nod seems to also dismiss Nero and he ambles away without saying anything else.

“Is there a reason you didn’t introduce me to your friend?”

Romeo stares at me, and I wonder if I offended him or pissed him off.

I don’t get to find out, because Dante and Karina join us. She gives me a pointed stare and I grin back at her. Throwing a thumbs up would probably be childish so I contain myself. Barely.