V-Card:Sharing Spaces: Book 1(57)

By: Alicia Michaels


I stood and stretched, noticing the door was ajar. Frowning, I pulled my hair into a messy ponytail. The house was unusually quiet for this time of the morning, but I figured Chloe and Christian were still sleeping, Kinsley had probably gone to the library early to do some studying, and Luke … where the hell was Luke? As I ducked into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I fought back disappointment that I hadn’t woken up beside him on today of all days. I inspected myself in the mirror, and decided I certainly looked the same. Yet, nothing was the same. I was a different person, exactly who I’d wanted to be at twenty-one.

After splashing cold water on my face, I left the bathroom and padded downstairs, moving toward the kitchen with coffee on my mind. The moment my feet made contact with the tiles, music sounded in the living room. The beginning refrain of My Girl by The Temptations filled the house and I turned to find everyone waiting for me.

Laughter exploded from my chest as Luke strode forward, hairbrush held in hand like a microphone. Kinsley, Chloe, and Christian stood behind him wearing matching baby blue blazers over their pajamas as they performed synchronized dance moves to the song, complete with snaps, claps and spins.

“I’ve got sunshi-iiiine,” Luke sang as he circled me, crooning into his hairbrush, “on a cloudy daaaaaay. When it’s coooool outsi-iiiiide, I’ve got the month of Maa-aaay! I guess yooooou say, what can make me feel this way?”

He twirled me around as he launched into the chorus, letting Kinsley, Chloe, and Christian take the ‘my girl’ part.

“Talkin’ bout, my girrrrrl! My girl!”

Luke produced a gift bag and dangled it in front of me. “Happy Birthday, Jenn,” he said with a smile.

“You guys rock,” I replied, laughing. “But you’re also kind of corny.”

“Just open it, spaz,” Chloe said, rolling her eyes. “I got out of bed before noon just for you.”

Grinning, I reached into the bag and gasped as I found the gift. Luke looped it around my neck. “Oh yeah, that looks good. I know you’re starting clinicals next semester, so you’re going to need one of these, Nurse Jennifer.”

I glanced down at the pink stethoscope and remembered the last time a guy had put a gift around my neck. No matter how expensive or glittering, it could never have compared to this one. “Thank you,” I said, knowing my eyes were filling with tears. God, being in love had made me so emotional! “I love it.”

Luke grabbed me and held me close. “And I love you.” He kissed me deeply, wrapping his arms around my waist. Kinsley groaned as we smooched and Luke held me tighter, pressing me against the counter.

Chloe pretended to gag. “Ugh, get a room, you guys.”

“Gladly,” Luke said, lifting me and carrying me back to the stairs. “Come on, Nurse Jenn, let’s go play doctor.”

I giggled as I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding on as he walked me toward the bedroom.

“So,” he began as he closed the door, “how does twenty-one feel? Like everything you ever imagined?”

“Better.” I looped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. He laid me back on the bed, climbing over me and settling on top of me comfortably. “Way better.”

“Why?” he asked, nuzzling my nose with his. “Because you met your deadline?”

I held him close and smiled. “No,” I answered. “Because I went on a mission to lose something, but ended up gaining everything.”

“Wow, I feel special,” Luke said. “I’d hardly think of myself as everything.”

I kissed him again, showing him with words just how untrue that statement was. Because, finding love in the most unlikely places was special. Knowing that my decision to give myself to him had been the right one was the best birthday gift I could have asked for. To me, it was absolutely everything.