Until It Fades(171)

By: K.A. Tucker

To KP Simmon of Inkslinger PR, for always being so willing to brainstorm ideas and chase after opportunities, no matter what time of day or night.

To Sarah Cantin, you are a cornerstone of my writing career. What I have learned from you is invaluable. Thank you for your willingness to edit a swoony story and your patience when I decided that something just wasn’t right (at the eleventh hour).

To Judith Curr and the team at Atria Books: Suzanne Donahue, Ariele Fredman, Tory Lowy, Kimberly Goldstein, Alysha Bullock, Cynthia Merman, and Albert Tang. Eleven beautifully packaged books, yo! (I keep losing count.)

To my girls, who make creating adorable, lovable, sweet, smart, funny kids a breeze, just by being themselves. You two continue to give me so much inspiration.

To my husband, for taking care of our adorable, lovable, sweet, smart, funny kids, even when they’re not so adorable, lovable, or sweet, so I can toil away in my cave.

And, finally, to my fellow Toronto Maple Leaf fans, as if I wasn’t going to let them take home the cup.

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