Under Orders(9)

By: Doris O Connor

Her conviction faltered when she realized that he had done just that in the past—countless times if the rumors round the office were to be believed. Had she herself not acted completely out of character around him? That scene in the conference room played itself out in her mind’s eye in glorious Technicolor detail, and bile rose in her throat at the thought. She pushed against his chest, and he released her.

“Leonard, is he?” She covered her hand with her mouth, afraid to be sick, when he nodded just once. “There are a number of us in the organization, and no, I am not telling you who they are.”

She staggered backwards until her legs hit one of the plush chairs, and she sank down. Anna brought her knees up to her chest in a defensive gesture, and she shook her head in denial.

“No, it’s not possible. I would have known. You’re warm. You walk in the sun. You look human, damn it.”

His short, cruel laugh wrapped itself around her heart like an ice cold fist.

“Your kind has hunted us to extinction. To enable us to survive we had to evolve. Mixing the bloodlines was always punishable by death, but it was the only way for us to blend in. There are still some original Vampyrs left. Heavily guarded against the slayers.” He spat the word at her as though it was poison on his tongue, and she flinched when he moved in a blur of air.

In the blink of an eye he was on top of her. Arms on either side of her, he pressed her against the seat of her chair. His breath mingled with hers, as his eyes bored into hers. Like lasers they pinned her in place as effectively as any bonds would have been, and despite the situation a small part of her just melted.

“My kind?” she whispered. “You mean us humans, right? What did you expect us to do? Sit back and be happy at being walking, talking snack bars? Have our babies stolen from our cribs because your kind treasure the blood of the young?” He flinched as though she had physically slapped him, and the compassionate part deep within her, the part that still wanted/needed to see good in everyone, wanted to swallow her tongue whole. The nightmare stories she grew up with, however, tumbled forth without restraint. She’d read the family journals. The tales of untold cruelties forever imprinted on her brain.

She hadn’t wanted to believe them, had chosen at an early age to not go down that path, and even her parents’ early demise had not changed that conviction. She wanted no part of that world, so what on earth was she doing here? What cruel twist of fate had thrown her into the vampire’s path? Had her even now aching with the need to touch this man in front of her. He represented everything she should hate, and yet, her heart just wasn’t listening. She couldn’t reconcile those dark tales with Jonathan. He had plenty of opportunity to hurt her, yet he hadn’t.

“There we have it. You do think I’m a monster.” He stepped away and simply looked down on her. His lips curved into a self-depreciating smile when she shook her head.

“It’s ironic then that it is my kind who are facing extinction, is it not? It’s we who have to hide who we are, whilst you and yours thrive and overcrowd this planet we share. It’s humans who are capable of killing each other without a moment’s thought. At least when we kill it is for food, not that I have ever killed a human I feed from.”

He ran his heavy-lidded gaze slowly over her body, and Anna had to force herself to sit still and not fidget. Every cell in her body yearned to take him up on the promise in that heated perusal, and she dropped her knees and squeezed her thighs together at his next words.

“Most would say it has given them the most intense orgasms they ever experienced. They may not remember the ins and outs in the morning, but they do remember the pleasure, little one.” He paused again, his smile sin itself as he stepped close enough to trail just one finger up her exposed leg. It left a trail of gooseflesh in its wake, and when he tapped her knee she couldn’t help but open to him.

“You and I both know that I could have taken you anytime. I still could, despite you knowing what I am.”

Anna’s breaths came in short agonized pants of pleasure, and she put up no resistance when he grasped her knees and yanked her ass forward until she was half hanging off the edge of the chair. He folded her dress up in slow measured moves, exposing her to his hungry gaze, and she gasped when he dipped his head and inhaled against the sodden fabric barely covering her slit.