Under Orders(7)

By: Doris O Connor

From somewhere she found her voice. A breathy, need filled version of her voice, but at least she managed to say something.

“No, I don’t.”

He went still, and she could feel him smile against her shoulder, before he stepped back. Bereft of his body warmth and despite the humid day, Anna shivered. He traced a finger down her exposed spine, and slowly the noises of the restaurant faded back into her consciousness. Her cheeks heated. People were staring at them, stood as they were in the middle of the room.

Jonathan would draw glances wherever he went. His commanding presence filled any room he entered, women and men alike drawn to him like moths to the flame, but Anna refused to fall under his spell again. She had no intention of becoming another one of his conquests. While sex with him would no doubt rock her world, he also had the ability to rip her heart to shreds. How she knew that, she couldn’t even begin to explain to herself, and then there was the danger she sensed. It surrounded him like an invisible cloak. Her nightmares had started again since their first encounter. Nightmares that hadn’t plagued her since childhood, and Anna did not think this was a coincidence.

No, she had to get her feet to move and get away from him.

“The meeting is over, and I need to be back at the office, so…”

His smile was sin itself, and Anna balled her hands into fists to stop herself from reaching out to him. With his dirt-blond hair falling messily over one eye and that bad boy smirk on his handsome features, he looked good enough to eat, and of course he knew that. He pushed his hands into the pockets of his Armani suit and simply looked at her, until she dropped her gaze to the floor.

“You have the afternoon off. To spend with me of course, and I have no intention of letting you slip away a second time.”

“And I have no intention of sleeping with you.” She whispered the words and took a step back and away from him. For every step she took he matched her easily, the predatory way he stalked her turning the earlier butterflies into a swarm of buzzing bees. Short of running away from him at full pelt, she was stuck, and even then she wouldn’t get very far. The high heeled strappy sandals she wore looked pretty, but she would break her neck if she tried to run in them.

He offered her his hand palm up, and she stared at it for the longest time.

“Trust me, little one.”

Chapter Three

His hand on her waist branded her. Every cell in her body heightened in awareness of the man standing next to her in the crowded lift.

When she’d placed her hand in his, he’d smiled, and something deep inside of her had simply let go. A sense of calm had invaded her at his whispered, “Good girl.” She had let herself be led out of the restaurant and across the foyer into the lift. It was slowly emptying as they rode up to the very top. When the door finally pinged open and the smiling bell boy stepped aside to let them through they stepped into a plush corridor. It was cool up here, the air conditioning working overtime, and Anna shivered again. Instantly Jonathan shrugged out of his suit jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

His scent and warmth engulfed her, and Anna closed her eyes and simply allowed herself to feel. He chuckled into her ear, and the sound of a door opening had her eyes fly open. She followed him through into the expensive suite, and then stopped dead. The views over London were magnificent, and she drank in the beauty of her home town. It was a glorious day out there, and she smiled at the sight of children chasing a dog in Hyde Park, tourists hurrying along the busy streets. From her vantage point up here, it all looked picture perfect. The smells and sounds didn’t travel through the plate glass windows, and she sighed as Jonathan stepped closer. He pointed a remote towards the wall and then rubbed his hands up and down her arms.

“It will be warmer soon. The cleaning crew always turns the air con too high. I like it cool, but we can’t have you shivering, little one.”

“I’m okay, really. I just … just. Why won’t you just let me go?”

He sighed and turned her around, tipping her chin up to make her look at him. His pupils dilated, and a curious warmth settled over her. A languid feeling spread through her limbs. Her heart beat slowed, and her breathing grew thready. She leant into him, his erection a hard ridge against her belly, which spiked her need for him to fever pitch, and she whispered his name. He swore and released her so abruptly she stumbled.

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