Under Orders(6)

By: Doris O Connor

As a child Anna had spent hours in the study, where floor to ceiling book shelves groaned under the weight of too many books to count, waiting for her parents to return from one of their many trips. It had been there she had been told the news of their fatal car accident when she had been just twelve. An accident she still felt responsible for. Had she not made that wish…

“Anna, are you listening to me?” The edge of command and authority she hadn’t heard from her beloved Grand-pops in far too long pulled her back to the here and now.

“I’m here, no need to shout Grand-pops. And, yes, I am fine. No need to worry over me. That’s my department. I’ll come and see you on Sunday, as usual … Yes, Grand-pops…”

They passed the next half hour catching up, and by the time Anna finally hung up the sun was shining right into her windows. It was going to be another scorcher of a day, and she would be late for work if she didn’t hurry.

She couldn’t deny the tiny spark of excitement. She had been summoned again. And she was going to piss him off by not following orders. It was too hot for office attire, and, as part of their client meeting was at a posh hotel, Anna was going to dress for comfort.

Let’s see what the high and mighty Jonathan would do about that.


“Right, that’s settled then.” Anna flinched when the American client grasped her hand between his beefy ones and pulled her a bit too close for her liking. All through the meal he had not so subtly stared down her cleavage, and Anna had begun to wish that she had worn something more conservative.

Not that her summer dress was revealing exactly. The pretty halter dress had a high neck, which left her back exposed, flared out over her hips and ended just under the knees. It was light and airy, and whilst she normally did not wear anything underneath she had donned her strapless bra and matching thong set, so she knew she was adequately covered for the business meeting.

Still, it hadn’t stopped any of the men round the table from taking a far too close interest in her cleavage, and Jonathan had wasted no time in taking advantage of the distraction. Anna had bristled inside at the proprietary manner in which he had kept placing his hand on her shoulder. It only seemed to serve to egg the other man on, and despite his wife sitting right next to him, he had continued to openly flirt with Anna. She in turn had done her best to ignore the lot of them and had struck up a conversation with the wife. Anna had become so engrossed in quizzing the older woman about her children—she had really opened up to her at the mention of them—that she had almost enjoyed herself.

At one point she had looked up to see Jonathan watching her. Approval had replaced the thin lipped way he had greeted her on arrival. His eyes had swirled with a myriad of emotions she hadn’t been able to decipher, their ice cold disdain replaced with the warm pool of a Mediterranean Sea. Her skin had heated under his quiet regard, and an army of butterflies had danced in her tummy, until he’d broken eye contact and turned business-like once again.

Finally released from the clutches of the visiting client, Anna breathed a sigh of relief and turned to leave.

“Not so fast, little one. We’re not done yet.”

Jonathan’s voice had dropped an octave, and Anna’s insides clenched in need. She was a sucker for a deep, commanding voice, and pitched this low, that almost growl had her already damp thong soaked in her own arousal.

She just had to be close to him, it seemed, for her body to ready itself. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, willing her hormones to behave, but it was useless. His warmth seeped into her bare back as he pulled her back against his long frame with one hard arm around her waist. His slight and ever present stubble scraped along her neck, awakening every female cell in her body, and she moaned when he took her earlobe between his teeth and bit down.

The sharp pain focused her attention solely on him, and the rest of the crowded restaurant faded away, until she was aware only of his hot breath on her neck.

“You can’t fight this, little one. I can smell your need. You want this as much as I do.”

Her heart shuddered to a stop, before it started beating so fast she felt faint. His grip on her tightened, and he kissed her neck in just the right spot to turn her knees to jelly.

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