Under Orders(4)

By: Doris O Connor

Jonathan released his fingers with one last appreciative murmur and then wiped them dry on one of the paper napkins left on the table.

“You should have worn the panties, but I will admit this was more fun, little one.”

His superior grin irked her, and she pushed the chair away with much more force than was strictly necessary, as she got up on legs still too wobbly to support her. Leonard’s arm round her waist steadied her, and she murmured her thanks.

From somewhere she found her voice.

“As the meeting is over, I trust my presence is no longer required.” She straightened her shoulders and pushed away from her boss and his still raring erection. It made her feel decidedly uncomfortable and downright angry. He had no right to put her in this position. Not her, not any of his staff.

“I don’t know what sick little arrangement you two have got going here, but I will not be party to this anymore. You had your fun, but this stops now, or I will get you both reported for sexual harassment. There are laws against this sort of behavior, you know and…” Her voice trailed off as Jonathan moved so fast he was on top of her in the blink of an eye. With Leonard stood behind her and Jonathan in front she had nowhere to go. She had never truly appreciated how well built her boss was. But pressed against him like she was she could feel every inch of hard male muscle, and her traitorous hormones jumped in excitement. Taller and leaner, than her boss, Jonathan towered over them both, and Anna forgot to breathe. His azure eyes blazed in fury, and his hot breath feathered across her face when he leant down so close that his lips almost touched hers.

“It’s only harassment if one party doesn’t enjoy the attentions, and you, my little one, enjoyed that very much. Justify this to yourself any which way you please, but know this. We are not done until I say we’re done. You can run, but you can’t hide from me.”

Chapter Two

Anna pushed the covers off her with a frustrated groan and squinted at her alarm clock. Four A.M. and she was wide awake—again. Ever since that fateful day in the office three weeks ago sleep eluded her. When it did come it was full of disturbing images she could not make sense of. She would wake up screaming and covered in cold sweat fighting off some unseen evil sitting on her chest until she couldn’t breathe. The nightmares took her straight back to her angst-ridden childhood, and that fateful night when the view of her beloved daddy changed forever. She hadn't thought about that night in years, the memories too painful to process. Why they should come back to her now, was completely beyond her. It was not as though Jonathan Symmonds was one of the evil creatures of the night that had driven her father to the brink of insanity, and had ultimately robbed her of her parents. No, it was just her own guilt talking.

If that wasn’t bad enough the other dreams were worse, and would leave her panting for breath, her body clamoring for release. Release that never came. Anna was no stranger to self-pleasuring, and she had an impressive collection of toys, but none of them could bring her the release she craved. All she would see were Jonathan Symmonds’s piercing blue eyes, hard as flint with disapproval, and her arousal would flee like dust motes in a gust of wind. Something about his natural scent that stirred needs and memories she couldn't grasp. Comforting and terrifying at the same time, it made no sense at all.

She’d only caught glimpses of him around the office since that encounter in the conference room, and her boss was back to professional indifference as though he hadn’t been there to witness her come apart like some whore on speed. Part of her was grateful for that at least, but the other reckless half wanted to shake him and demand answers.

The conversation she’d had with Louise had to have been the most bizarre yet.

“So.” Louise had scooted her office chair across and talked in hushed whispers when she’d made it back to her desk, after a visit to the ladies’ to freshen up. “Do you remember what happened? We all saw Brian be escorted off the premises, but I can’t get the dirt from him on anyone, and believe me I tried.”

Anna had rolled her eyes at the other woman’s nosiness.

“Of course I remember. I’m not a complete dimwit, and if you needed to know why Brian was let go, then I’m sure you would be told. If you haven’t then you sure are not going to hear it from me.”

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