Under Orders(13)

By: Doris O Connor

“No, of course not.” She glared at him, and he smiled and tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. Such a simple gesture, but one that her mum used to do all the time, and her eyes filled with tears again. She rapidly blinked them away and chewed her bottom lip between her teeth.

“Don’t do that, little one. It makes me want to bite you and claim you as mine.” The words were hoarse and told of his need for her as much as his hardening cock under her ass and the way his fangs ran out.

A shiver of anticipation went through her, and she couldn’t tear her gaze away from those canines. He held himself perfectly still when she ran her index finger over them, and tingles spread up her arm. Calm settled over her, the knowledge that all was as it should be, and she could almost see her mum smiling at her through the mists of time.

“It is ironic, is it not?”

He frowned at her, and again she giggled.

“What is ironic, little one?”

“Us,” she said. “Assuming you want there to be an us, and you didn’t just say all those things earlier to get into my knickers.”

He framed her face in his hands and touched his forehead to hers. Their breaths mingled, and Anna shut her eyes, letting all her worries drift away. She couldn’t explain this bond to herself, let alone anyone else, but there was nowhere else she’d rather be right now than here in the arms of her very own vampire.

“There are things I still need to tell you, little one, but never doubt that I meant every word I said. I swore to protect you from the minute you were assigned to me. You opened your eyes, and I was lost.” He smiled and kissed her nose. “Finding you again after all those years, and to see the beautiful woman you have grown into.” He stopped and pulled back to study her, the depths of emotion in his crystal clear gaze making her chest feel tight with longing. “You have no idea how much self-restraint it took for me to not just fling you over my shoulder and storm out of that room, ethics be fucked. But I had to expose Brian, and I had to clear this with the council. Contrary to popular belief, we are governed by strict rules of conduct. It’s what keeps us all safe and existing in harmony with humankind as much as we can. You had enough uproar in your life already without me adding to it.”

“And if I want your kind of uproar in my life?” she asked, shifting on his lap.

He groaned and wrapped her long hair around his hand, forcing her head up, and exposing her neck. She held her breath when he ran those lethal looking fangs up and down her pulse point. Her blood rushed in her ears, and she tried to free her hands, but he held them securely in his other hand.

“Then you have it, for all eternity, little one. All you have to do is ask.”

He kissed her and shifted them until she sat straddling him, his cock nudging her entrance. She moaned and lifted herself slightly to let him slide home. His hands dug into her hips holding her still, and they stayed locked, looking into each other’s eyes, seeking confirmation of the feelings pulsing between them.

She rocked her hips, grinding herself against him, and he swore and took over.

“Anna, you’ll be the death of me, you know that, right?”

She smiled and tipped her head sideways to offer her neck in silent submission. He hesitated for only a moment before his fangs sank in, and Ana saw stars. Joined together as closely as two people could be, she rode the waves of sensation, as every thrust of his hips, and every sip he took cemented the bond between them. Release, when it came for both of them, stole their breaths, and they collapsed on the bed, holding each other until they fell asleep.

The last conscious thought invading Anna’s brain was his whispered, “I love you, little one.”

She sensed rather than saw his smile in response at her answering thought.

“I love you. Now get out of my head and let me sleep. I think you broke me.”


“Stop fidgeting. You’re making me nervous.” Jonathan held his hand out and pulled her out of the car in one fluid move. He turned her around, and they stood facing the impressive old house together.

Dread filled Anna’s stomach, vying to destroy the bubble of happiness she had been in since Jonathan had claimed her. They had not made it out of his hotel suite at all that weekend. She had made her excuses to her Grand-pops, not ready to explain the nature of her relationship with Jonathan. Despite her assurances to him that her grandfather would not stake a plant, she wasn’t at all sure what Grand-pop’s reaction to her dating a living, breathing vampire would be. He had lost his family to that race after all, and here she was, as good as married to one.

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