Under Orders(11)

By: Doris O Connor

He kissed her, murmuring endearments into her neck, until finally, she was impaled. He held himself perfectly still to give her time to adjust, and then he moved. Locked together as they were he walked across the living area. Every careful step lodged him deeper still, and Anna rubbed herself against him in shameless abandonment. By the time he had her pinned against the window, she was hovering on the brink of release. The glass was cool on her exposed skin, and he used his fangs to slice through the thin strip of fabric holding up her dress. It fell away, exposing her breasts barely concealed in their lacy confines. The heavy globes spilled across the top of the cups, and Jonathan groaned.

He flexed his knees, pulling out just enough to enable him to thrust into her core, whilst biting her nipple through the bra. His fangs sank in, and Anna tensed, only for her orgasm to hit. Jonathan started thrusting in earnest, pounding her back into the window. She arched into his mouth. Every suck sent her over the edge again, as liquid fire sped through her veins down towards her thighs. The feel of his thick member pistoning in and out her tight clasp with ever-increasing speed, made her lose all sense of time and self.

Anna screamed her ecstasy. Her body shook uncontrollably under the onslaught on all her senses, and she was dimly aware of Jonathan tensing, before he spilled deep inside her core and the world turned black.


When she next became aware of her surroundings satin sheets caressed her naked body and a heavy weight pinned her into the huge four poster bed. Her arms were bound above her head in silk restraints, and her legs were similarly tied. Open, exposed, and vulnerable, she ought to have been terrified, but instead excitement coursed through her veins.

“Hello, sleepyhead.” Jonathan’s deep rumble against her abdomen had her yank on her restraints. Her heart beat galloped, and she felt his smile in the light kisses he delivered to her tummy. His stubble scraped the underside of her breast, and then she arched into his touch. He licked a path of awareness around her areola, soothing the faint sting left over from his earlier bite marks, and her already erect nipple firmed to the point of pain. She squirmed as much as her bonds would allow, and Jonathan laughed.

“It’s no use. I have only just finished restraining you. You will not get free unless I untie you. I rather like having you at my mercy. I owe you an apology, and this way you’ll just have to hear it.” He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked, and Anna panted her question.

“Apology for … for what?” He sighed against her, the sensation giving her goose bumps, and then he released her only for his fingers to play with her nipples instead. Like livewires of electricity, her nerve endings sparked and sent darts of need towards her clit.

“In my haste earlier I didn’t use anything. I’m clean, but is that going to be a problem?” She froze, and he cupped her chin, his face so close to her now his breath fanned over her. “Anna, answer me.”

She blinked, once, twice, and he frowned.

“Yes, I mean, no, it won’t be. I’m on the pill, but it wouldn’t anyhow. I mean you can’t … can you?”

“Can I what, little one?”

Heat rose in her cheeks at his intense study of her. He settled one heavy hand on her abdomen, and she swallowed hard, watching his hand just rest there.

“Seems slayers don’t know everything.” She flinched at the hardness of his tone and looked up at him from under her lashes. He looked tense, but above all hurt. His beautiful eyes held a maelstrom of emotions when he glanced at her briefly, before removing his hand. She ached to reach out to him, but she couldn’t move, so she had to use her words instead.

“I’m not a slayer. I decided long ago that I wanted no part in killing off another species, no matter what they did to stay alive. That obsession killed my father and my mother. It broke Grand-pop’s heart to lose Mummy. I was not going to put him through that again—ever.”

Jonathan nodded once, and encouraged, she rushed on, the words now tumbling out of her mouth.

“And you’re right. It seems my father did not know everything. I loved him with all my heart, but I wasn’t blind to his faults, and neither was my mum. She was going to leave him, you know, before … before the accident. I’d heard them arguing when I couldn’t sleep.”

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