By: Sawyer Bennett


Where to start? Because there are quite a few!

First, to Kim Kimball and Bobbie Jo Kirby… your support and enthusiasm for this story was key to helping it come to fruition. I love you girls very much.

Lisa Kuhne… what can I say? Best PA ever. ‘Nuf said. Now get back to work because I’d die without you by my side.

Melody Grace… you provided me a lot of help with my blurb, and I so admire not only your writing skills, your passion for romance, but also your cheeky attitude and marketing savvy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To Bennett’s Bestie Betas… Lisa, Janett, Bethany, and Kristin. Your support not only on this manuscript but also in my career has meant the world to me… your friendship is so important, and I count myself lucky to know you ladies.

Darlene Avery… not the first time I’m acknowledging you and not the last. You know all the reasons I love you.

To my cover models, Jay Byars and Krystal Reynolds… you both are beautiful people, inside and out. Thank you for helping me make the best and most beautiful cover in the history of Bookdom. Seriously… it was that good.

Also a shout out to Marie Killen Photography for the amazing work on shooting the cover and to my marketing team at Vitalink, who has been on a journey with me for almost sixteen years. I look forward to many more.

Finally, to my amazing network of family and friends. I count myself lucky to have your love and support, and there’s no way I could ever do this without you.



Present Day

I’m dizzy with lust.

Head spinning, heart racing, muscles clenching in all the right places.

I’m so far out of control, and all of my instincts yell at me to give in… to submit.


“Get on your knees,” Zach commands me in a low voice, which rumbles along my skin and causes blood to rage through my veins.

“No,” I whisper, even though I want to scream, “Yes.”

I know it’s coming.

In fact, I think my crazy denial of his order was done only to provoke him to force my submission. Because that’s more exciting to my senses than just surrendering to his words alone.

Zach grips the back of my neck firmly and squeezes… just hard enough to really get my attention. He had told me once that this is what the male jaguar does to his mate to earn her respect just before he impales her, and I believe it. I fully subscribe to his cultural upbringing in the Amazon wild and actually cherish the way that Zach’s character was formed by the many years he spent away from the modern world.

His breath is hot on my neck as he leans in toward me. “Don’t ever say ‘no’ to me again.”

That’s all he says before he pushes downward, and my knees bend without any hesitation. No sooner do they hit the carpet then he’s bending me forward… down, down, down… until my cheek touches the cream, wool shag, and my ass is tipped in the air to him. I give a small, yielding sigh of contentment and briefly close my eyes as I remember the first time I saw Zach do this to another woman, and how much I yearned for him to do it to me.

It was a distinct moment in my life where all my notions of cultured civility seemed to fade away, only to be replaced by an intense hunger to learn something new from this man.

Odd… because I was his teacher, and yet, here he is… teaching me.

Zacharias Easton is teaching me about a craving I could have never imagined before I met him.

Sad, little boy.

Savage man from the jungle.

Loner, warrior… dangerous at his core.

Curious man who doesn’t belong here or there.

“You remember the first time you saw me?” Zach asks as he squeezes my neck again.


“It turned you on, didn’t it?”

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