Unbridled and Unbroken

By: Elle Saint James

The Double Rider Men’s Club

Unbridled and Unbroken

A forgotten lotto ticket and a strong dose of lust send Veronica after Johnny and into his hotel room. She's introduced to his good friend Adam and their ménage lifestyle, which further intrigues her. But Veronica has a dark secret she dares not share with Johnny or Adam. It forces her to live a lie and worse, threatens their newfound love.

Johnny and Adam consider themselves lucky to have found a woman intrigued by their ménage lifestyle. Even though they weren't looking for a partner, they've found the perfect girl for them. But Veronica is hiding something that has her running out the morning after the Double Rider Men's Club annual event. An old friend associated with their men's club is hell-bent on putting Veronica in jail.

Will Johnny and Adam be able to protect her from Zachary, or will they lose her forever?

Chapter One

Quick ’n Easy Mart, 5 AM

Forrest Ridge, Northern California

At least he’s not naked this time.

Veronica Greenwood sat up straighter on her stool behind the bulletproof glass of the convenience store the moment she recognized the white van entering the parking lot. Still resting an elbow on the lotto generating machine, she watched her most annoying return customer very carefully.

Before he’d pulled in, she’d planned to fantasize about the next attractive man who stepped inside the store. It was a game she played with herself to keep the pervasive boredom at bay during the wee hours of the morning before the rush came.

The trouble was very few of the patrons were attractive at this hour of the morning. Especially the idiot currently parked next to the Easy Mart fueling island.

Yesterday, he’d exited his van through the sliding door wearing nothing but saggy boxers, with the fly gaping wide open, and black socks. He’d pulled on sweat pants while she kept her gaze averted hoping the initial sight of his swinging dangly bits wasn’t forever burned into her retinas.

Jerry, the crazy customer she’d been avoiding for the past week, had a routine. He’d watch her for awhile from inside his vehicle then get out and buy a dollar’s worth of gas. Once he replaced his gas cap, he would saunter inside and linger in the store doing his best to entice her from behind the safety of her secured work space. As if.

A second twin beam of lights turning into the Quick ’n Easy Mart broke her miserable reverie and she anticipated who else might enter at this early hour. Would it finally be someone worthy of her attention? Or at least someone who’d stay until Jerry departed?

The cashier on the next shift wouldn’t arrive for another hour, so she was on her own until then.

Veronica noted the large pickup truck was a rental when it pulled in to the first slot closest to the door. She had a tense moment each time a new customer showed up while she was alone. Jerry didn’t count since he made her tense any time he showed up.

She always hoped the next person through the door wasn’t on a fury-filled rampage of terror with armed robbery on his mind. Only an hour until her relief showed up and thirty minutes later she’d be free until tomorrow at midnight. In the meantime, and for better or for worse, her vivid imagination kept her company.

A man alighted from the vehicle. Most notable was his cowboy hat. Something new. And even through the tinted glass she could see that he was much more attractive than the usual patronage. Tall, rangy with muscles to spare, he strode to the door with purpose.

She brushed her hands down her uniform with the in-born need to pretty up for a man. Then she promptly dropped her arms to her sides deciding nothing would help her looks now.

A cheap bell attached to the door chimed as he pulled the door open and stepped inside. Veronica noted two things right away. The cowboy was gorgeous, and he would be the perfect candidate for her stranger fantasy. Sexual fantasies being her only comfort in a substandard life she’d never intended on living, she quickly committed the cowboy’s features to memory.

“Howdy, ma’am.” He tipped his hat to her in a chivalrous action she wasn’t used to and allowed the door to swing shut on its own. “Is the coffee fresh?” The extra deep tone of his voice contradicted the sound she expected. He should be on sexy late night talk radio with that voice. Any woman with a pulse would no doubt pour out her innermost secrets to a seductive voice like his.