Trust in Me(9)

By: Samantha Chase

There were times when his father spoke like Yoda and right now Jason didn’t have the time to delve any deeper into what he was saying. He had to get on with getting Maggie acclimated with his project and making sure that she was completely prepared for when they left in two weeks for their whirlwind trip.


Jason had done a damn good job. Sitting on the private plane that was getting ready to take off, he looked over at Maggie and smiled. They had worked long hours for the last two weeks and she was just as familiar with every aspect of this project as he was. She was smart, inquisitive and well versed. He knew without a doubt that she was going to be an asset to him on this trip and that he wouldn’t have to spend precious time explaining things to her because she clearly understood exactly what it was that he was trying to accomplish.

Not once during the previous weeks had there been an issue with the long hours. At first Jason was sure that her husband was going to put up a fight; after all, being that Maggie had been working fairly regular hours for so many years, this was quite an adjustment. But just as there’d been no complaint from the husband, Maggie hadn’t complained either.

They’d worked side by side from eight in the morning until sometimes as late as ten at night. Jason found that after their initial clashing during their interview, they both seemed to come to understand each other and had formed a mutual respect for one another. Conversation flowed when it was needed and at the same time, they both were comfortable working in silence. For only having worked together for two weeks, they were seemingly in sync. Something that Jason wasn’t used to.

“If we don’t hit any delays we should be to Chicago by ten. I called and confirmed the town car and we’ll meet him and being that we’ve missed most of the morning traffic, we should be at the hotel by eleven,” Maggie was saying as she glanced on her tablet at their schedule. “We’re meeting the Claremont people at one so once we’re checked in, we can have lunch brought up to the rooms and be ready to go by 12:30.” She looked up at him. “How does that sound?”

“Good,” Jason said distractedly. Meetings like this didn’t normally stress him out, but this plan for expansion that he had made him a little edgy. “Did we leave the evening free or did you pencil something in?”

“I left it free just in case they wanted to meet over dinner. I didn’t want to over schedule us on our first day,” she said lightly. “I’ve researched several restaurants in the area and the one at our hotel would actually be perfect to invite them to meet with us. I can call in a reservation now if you’d like, just in case?”

She was very efficient, that was what Jason admired most. Maggie was certainly making his life easier already. “Let’s wait and see how the afternoon goes. For all we know they can be exhausting and not people that we want to work with. In which case, we’ll just have a quiet dinner and discuss our next plan of attack.”

Maggie laughed. “Sounds like a plan. I’ll just mark these places for future reference.”

While she was busy tapping away on her tablet screen, Jason studied her. With her blonde hair pulled back into a severe ponytail and her brown eyes downcast, Maggie seemed to do her best to not stand out. Jason had to wonder a little at that. While he could appreciate her professional manner and her obvious desire to not draw attention to herself, he couldn’t help but wonder why. Most of the women he knew, both in business and in his personal life, did things to make themselves look attractive. Maggie went for the conservative look and took it to another level. She wore little to no makeup, dressed ultra conservatively and did her best to blend into the background. This was exactly what Jason had said that he wanted but the more that he got to know Maggie the more he had a feeling that she wasn’t presenting her true self.

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