Trust in Me(7)

By: Samantha Chase

Working with Rose was no hardship; the woman knew her job and was easy to talk to. The job itself had some challenges that were actually related to her skills but for the most part, the biggest challenge was going to be in trusting the man she was going to assist.

Maggie had seen Jason Montgomery often enough around the building. He was certainly an attractive man and just his mere presence seemed to bring out sighs from the women working around her. That always irritated Maggie. She was never going to show any outward signs of attraction to anyone. No matter how attractive that six foot tall, dark haired, dark eyed package was!

Looking back, she knew that she hadn’t had any attraction to her former boss; she had genuinely liked Martin as a person. Somehow, however, he mistook that feeling for her being attracted to him and thought that gave him the right to try and seduce her. Just the thought of it now, years later, made Maggie sick to her stomach.

“Are you okay?” Rose asked.

Shaking her head to clear it, Maggie looked at her. “Sure. Why?”

“You just had a weird look on your face and you kind of went pale.” Rose looked at her watch. “Why don’t we stop here and break for lunch. I have you and Mr. Montgomery scheduled to meet with Jason at two o’clock. You’ll have an hour for lunch and then about thirty minutes after you get back to get yourself organized and write up any questions you have for him. Will that work?”

“Yes, thank you,” Maggie said with a smile, relieved that Rose didn’t push her for more of an explanation on her odd behavior. Walking to her desk, Maggie picked up her purse and a notebook. Her plan was to start making notes now on the things that she wanted to discuss with Jason Montgomery.

Stepping onto the elevator, the first and most important question came to her mind. “Are you a pervert who plans on mistaking a simple smile for an invitation to sexually harass?”

Chapter Two


“Is there a problem? I think the question was fairly simple.”

Jason looked at the woman sitting across from him at the conference table and then to his father. “This is some sort of joke, right?”

Maggie looked at him, her brows furrowed. “I don’t think this is a joking matter, Mr. Montgomery. The question fairly speaks for itself. Are you the kind of man who can tell the difference between someone being polite and someone offering an invitation?”

“What the hell kind of question is that?” he yelled and then turned to his father. “Seriously? This is who you think is the best option to work with me?”

William was barely able to contain his mirth. “She meets and actually exceeds all of your requirements, Jace. She’s got the computer skills, organizational skills, and customer service skills that will prove useful on your trip plus she has years of experience as an executive assistant.”

Jason narrowed his eyes as he heard his father’s words. “If she’s so qualified, why has she been working in customer service all this time?”

Maggie had had enough. “If you have a question about my qualifications, Mr. Montgomery, please address me. I am more than capable of answering your questions.”

Jason couldn’t help but take note of her obvious dig at his inability to answer her earlier question. “Fine,” he bit out. “If you have all of these qualifications, why haven’t you been assigned to anyone in all of your years with Montgomery’s?”

“I was a bit burned out after my last assignment with my previous employer and wanted something a little less stressful.”

“And you think that now you’re ready to handle the stress again?” he asked.

Her first response was to say no and hope that he’d let her leave and go back to her quiet position three floors down but knew that she had made a promise to William. “Yes, I believe that I am more than capable of taking on this assignment.”

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