Trust in Me(6)

By: Samantha Chase

“Listen,” he said calmly, “how about we go over and have a cup of coffee? The café over there is still open.”

“Oh, I can’t,” she said nervously. “I don’t have my wallet with me.”

Ah, William thought, there it is. Or at least part of it. “It’s my treat.” When Maggie hesitated, William quickly added, “You’d be doing me a huge favor; I’ve done nothing today but talk to a bunch of upstarts with over-inflated egos.”

Maggie thought about it for a moment and realized that maybe it would be okay to join him for coffee. She hadn’t had anything to eat since they’d left Virginia on the early morning flight and Martin hadn’t allowed her to eat all day. Sadistic bastard.

She stood and said a quiet, “Thank you.”

William looked down at her petite frame; she couldn’t be more than five feet four and at six feet himself, he towered over her. “It’s my pleasure…” He left the words dangling in hopes that she’d at least tell him her name.

“Maggie,” she said finally. “Maggie Barrett.”

“Well it is a pleasure to meet you, Maggie Barrett,” he said, his tone laced with nothing but friendliness and Maggie knew in that instant that things just might work out all right.


True to his word, William had set the wheels in motion to get Maggie settled into her new position. Within an hour he had all of her belongings transferred to the executive floor and from where he stood in his office doorway, he could see her working with Rose. After lunch they would sit down together with Jason and get things really moving.

It did his heart good to see Maggie up here working where she belonged. He hated pushing her into it, but deep down William knew he’d let her hide out too long. What that bastard had done to her back in California so long ago had been traumatic for sure, but William also knew that Maggie had too much to give to spend her life hiding away from everything and everybody.

When William had offered her the position with Montgomery’s, Maggie had been shocked and more than a little apprehensive. Desperate to help her when she was so clearly in need, he had vowed to meet her every wish in order to get her to agree to work for him.

She had wanted a low-profile position, he gave her one. She needed to get her belongings from where she lived in Virginia to someplace new in North Carolina. William paid for the move and put her up temporarily in an executive apartment that the company owned until she found a place of her own. He’d sent people to get her car and had taken care of ending her employment with Martin Blake without managing to let anyone within the man’s company know where she was going to.

William Montgomery was very thorough in everything that he did and if keeping this woman under the radar for a little while meant keeping her safe, he’d do it.

Her final request was that no one know that she was single. While William didn’t think that would deter some men, he knew that no one within his company would dare approach Maggie in an unprofessional manner. So he’d agreed to her request and no one was the wiser. Luckily it wasn’t something that came up very often; according to his human resources manager, Ann Kincade, Maggie was a virtual loner. She was pleasant to work with but never engaged in any outside activities with her coworkers and pretty much kept to herself.

For a moment William felt remorse at forcing her so clearly out of her comfort zone but then he thought of how well it had worked last year when he’d done the same for his son Lucas and silently prayed that he would have similar results.

Maggie sensed William’s stare and looked up and gave him a weak smile. By now, she knew her boss could be trusted and was sure that his son would be no different but the fact was that this promotion, this shift in her life, was not her decision. It was going to take a little while for her to adjust to it.

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