Trust in Me(4)

By: Samantha Chase

Silently, Maggie shook her head.

“Have I asked anything of you in all of the time you’ve worked for me?”

Again she shook her head as she stared down at the floor.

“I wouldn’t ask this of you, Maggie if it wasn’t important. You are the only person that I trust for this assignment.”

Raising her head, her brown eyes filled with tears, she asked, “Why? Why me?”

William sighed. “Ever since Lucas and Emma fell in love, Jason has had sort of a target on his back. We can’t seem to keep an assistant for him. He’s been stalked, propositioned…you name it, these women have done it. Most men would be flattered but Jason takes his work very seriously and he needs someone who’ll do the same.”

“I still don’t understand how this involves me.”

“When I took you in with Montgomery’s, Maggie, you asked me to do what I could to protect you, right?” She nodded. “One of the things that I did was lie for you; as far as anyone in the company knows, you are a married woman. You and I are the only ones here that know differently.”

Maggie considered his words. “So you think since everyone believes me to be married that I’m a safe bet for Jason’s assistant?”

“That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Jason isn’t looking to seduce anyone and he certainly isn’t looking to be seduced. I would think that you, more than anyone, can understand his position.”

She blushed. Maggie tried to never think about the way that she had come to work for William Montgomery and in the three years that she’d been here, this was the first time they’d even remotely referred to it. “I can respect the situation, Sir; I just don’t feel comfortable…”

“Maggie?” he interrupted gently. “It’s time. You’ve hidden yourself down in customer service long enough. I hired you without knowing a damn thing about you; the woman I met needed help and I gave it. I’m asking you to return the favor.”

How could she say no to that? The man had given her a safe haven; a job where she didn’t feel hunted or that she was there for any other reason than to do her job. “How can I be sure that I won’t find myself in the same situation I was when you met me?”

William’s expression softened as he looked at her. “Maggie, I give you my word that you will never, ever find yourself in such a position; not with Jason and not with anyone here at Montgomery’s.”

She stood and looked down at her boss. A simple nod of her head was the only response that she gave.

William rose to his feet and faced her. “If at any time, for any reason, you feel like something isn’t right, I want you to promise me that you’ll call and I’ll believe whatever it is that you tell me and I’ll get you out of there, okay?”

Again, all she could do was nod.

“I’ll let Ann know to get the paperwork started and I’ll let Rose know that you’ll be working with her the rest of the week to get acquainted with things up here and I’ll arrange for you to meet with Jason.” A wild look of panic crossed Maggie’s face and William made a quick decision. “We’ll meet with him together; you and me, okay?”

Maggie took a steadying breath and agreed.

Then silently prayed that she hadn’t just made the second biggest mistake of her life.



That was the only word that came to Maggie’s mind as she frantically tried to figure a way out of the situation. She could either go back upstairs to the hotel room that her boss had reserved for the two of them – unbeknownst to her – or she could sleep on the street.

Martin Blake had been the model boss; for a year she’d been his executive assistant and never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that something like this would happen to her.

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