Trust in Me(3)

By: Samantha Chase

Placing the files down on Jason’s desk, Ann stood and frowned. “What you’re asking is impossible.”

“I’m relying on you to make it possible,” he countered.

“Jason, be reasonable.”

“I would love to be reasonable, Ann, believe me. Right now there is nothing about this situation that makes things easy for me, either. I cannot afford to take someone with me who ‘accidentally’ shows up in my bed or worse, makes a spectacle of themselves at a corporate event. I don’t want to lead anyone on or give them the impression that they are with me to play corporate wife!”

She stared at him until Jason started to feel like he was going to squirm. “I’ll see what I do, Jace; but I can make no promises.”

He nodded and then she was gone.


Maggie Barrett did her best to live her life under the radar.

Getting called into the boss’s office did not fit with that motto.

She had barely stepped into the executive suite when William Montgomery’s assistant Rose told her that Mr. Montgomery was expecting her. With a heavy sigh and a straightened spine, she walked through the doors.

“Maggie!” William Montgomery boomed. “How have you been?”

Taking the seat that he indicated, Maggie sat down and swallowed the nervous lump in her throat before responding. “Fine, Sir. How are you?”

“Great, can’t complain,” he said with a sincere smile and then he reached for a folder that was on his desk. His expression turned slightly more serious as he read the contents. Quietly he closed the folder and studied Maggie. “Ann tells me that you were offered a promotion.”

Maggie nodded. “Yes, Sir, I was.”

“And that you turned it down.”

Again, she nodded.

“Care to tell me why?”

“I’m perfectly happy with the position that I have.”

“You are overqualified for the position that you have, Maggie; you and I both know that. Now why don’t you tell my why you really turned down the job as Jason’s assistant.” His tone was firm but gentle; exactly how he knew Maggie needed to be talked to.

Her shoulders sagged slightly. “You and I both know why I took this job, Mr. Montgomery. I’m not looking to be anyone’s assistant ever again. I’m very happy working in customer service.”

“Answering phones all day in maddening,” he replied. “The move up to an assistant would mean that other people would be fielding the calls and you could actually do the kind of work that you are more than capable of doing.”

It probably wouldn’t look good for her to cry in front of her boss. Not that he hadn’t seen her do that before but it wasn’t something she wanted to repeat. “I appreciate your concern, Mr. Montgomery, I really do. I’m just not willing to be put into that type of situation ever again. I can’t.” Her voice trembled on the last word and Maggie silently cursed herself for showing weakness.

It was never William’s intention to upset Maggie and sitting there looking at her as she fought to keep her composure, he hated himself even more for what he was about to do. “Maggie,” he began, “I am not the type of person who throws his weight around. I think you know that about me.” She nodded. “We have a situation that you are the only one qualified for. I’m not asking you if you want the position, I’m telling you that I want you to take the position.”

Maggie’s head snapped up as she stared at him with eyes wide. “But you know why…”

William held up a hand to stop her. “Believe me, I remember quite well why you feel the way that you do and I think that by now you should know that I am one of the good guys. Have I ever done anything to make you doubt me?”

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