Trust in Me(2)

By: Samantha Chase

“This is about Lucas isn’t it?” The head of human resources eyed him with a mix of suspicion and humor. In her late fifties, Ann Kincade had been with Montgomery’s for almost twenty years and had watched William Montgomery’s sons grow up. “Honestly, Jason, you are making a big deal out of nothing.”

“Am I?” he asked incredulously. “Ever since Lucas and Emma hooked up, I have gone through four different assistants. Why? Because now they all think that they can hook up with the boss.”

“That’s a slight exaggeration, Jason,” she admonished.

“Is it?” He stood and began to pace his office. “First there was Rose…”

“Rose got promoted to being your father’s assistant when Emma left. That had nothing to do with you.”

Jason sighed with frustration. “That wasn’t what I was going to say. When Rose moved over to the main suite, you replaced her with Janice.”

“She was a very nice woman; great organizational skills.”

“She was a damn stalker who I found watching me through the bushes at home with binoculars!”

“Okay, I’ll give you that one. But then there was Lynda…”

“Cougar on the prowl. She didn’t want to work; she wanted to find a rich, younger husband to take care of her.”

“And her typing skills sucked.”

One of Jason’s dark eyebrows arched at that comment but he said nothing. “Then there was Claire.” He stopped and stood in front of Ann, his arms crossed over his chest. “Do I even need to remind you of that little debacle?”

Ann looked down at her pile of files in her lap. “I still think it wasn’t what it looked like.”

“The woman was sprawled out on my desk in her underwear. What do you think it looked like?” he shouted. A growl of frustration escaped before he could stop it and he raked a hand through his hair. “Now I have this trip coming up that I need to take an assistant on and I don’t have an assistant! I’m walking around on eggshells here because I feel like everywhere I turn, there is someone looking to marry me!”

“We’ll have to put an ad out and look for male assistants,” Ann suggested.

“There’s no time for that and what if he’s gay?”

Ann let out a hearty laugh before she could help it. “Oh, Jason, do you hear yourself? Now you think that men are going to be after you, too?”

He sat back down behind his desk and put his face in his hands. “I’m going crazy here, Ann. I have a lot to do to prep for this trip; there’s a lot riding on it and I can’t spare the time to be fending off women who are hoping to be the next Mrs. Montgomery.”

“Is it absolutely necessary for you to have someone go with you?” she asked seriously.

“It’s a long trip with meetings set up with dozens of potential clients. I need someone to be with me taking notes and organizing contracts and getting them back here to the office. I can’t do it all myself. As it is this went from a ten day trip to about three weeks. What am I supposed to do?”

“That’s a long time to ask anyone to travel with you, especially if they’re married. No one is going to want to be away from their spouse for three weeks.”

Jason frowned. “Damn, I hadn’t thought of that.”

Ann started sorting through the employment profiles she held in her lap. “As of right now there are no male candidates. You could always take one of the junior execs with you to…”

Jason shook his head. “No, the ones that I talked with can’t be spared for that length of time.”

“What about a temp?”

Again he shook his head. “I need someone with a working knowledge of the company. I won’t have time for hand holding and training. I need someone who can step right in and get to work. I’ve got less than two weeks before I leave and I’ll need every minute of it to get organized.”

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