Trans·Fer·Ence: A Novel(88)

By: Ava Harrison

“Oh, that was moral of the story? Seriously though. Thank you, Syd. You have done everything. You have handled the whole wedding, planning. Everything and I don't think you will ever understand how grateful I am.”

“You deserve it. And it was my pleasure. But enough of this sentimental stuff, if you smudge your makeup, she will kill you,” she says pointing to the makeup artist. “Or better yet she’ll just kill me.”

With each step, I walk into the future. With each step, any hesitation fades away. I'm finally getting everything I have ever hoped and dreamed of—love. Unconditional love. Heart pounding, soul-shattering love.

Preston Montgomery.

My future.

Any nerves I might have had slip away. A calm falls over me as I step through the door of the building and into the warm summer air. Beginning the walk down the aisle, I reminisce about how far I have come. The last time I walked down this path to where the earth overlooks the sea, we weren't supposed to be together. We had started down a path we couldn't continue. I’d thought our moments were fleeting, but now I know it's for eternity.

Finally, I reach the clearing, and I see all I ever hoped for standing on the edge of the cliff under a canopy of flowers.


My Preston.

He looks at me with complete adoration as I make my way to where he stands. Sighs and gasps echo around me, but I don't look at anyone but him. I can't. I’m to lost in Preston. To lost in the knowledge that soon I will be his wife.

Once standing in front of him, he takes me in his arms and kisses me as though he's never kissed me before, as though I am his lifeline. And, in truth, that's what we are to each other. We are each other’s oxygen. Air. We need each other to breathe.

Words are spoken, but they fade away into the blue of his eyes into the conviction of his voice as he repeats his vows. Through tear-rimmed eyes, Preston takes my hand into his and promises to love and cherish me all the days of my life. His gaze is unwavering. His love is absolute.

We are creating something beautiful here.

A future.