Tiny Dancer:Divine Creek Ranch 13

By: Heather Rainier


Divine, Texas, has continued to grow and flourish because I’ve been blessed with a husband who understands the vital role he plays in my life. To the man who continues to inspire and encourage me, even when it has meant long evening hours with me in my office behind the keyboard and him handling the house, the cooking, chauffeuring the kids, and the laundry. Because he loves me and understands I need him now more than ever, this book is dedicated to the love of my life, Mister Rainier.


As always, I give thanks for the girlfriends I laugh with, gossip with, and cry with. Tonya, Jennifer, and Christi have been my cheerleaders since day one.

To the crew behind the scenes who keeps me on track…my IT consultant, Bella Juarez, thanks again for finding it when I accidentally deleted half the manuscript. My CP, Corinne Davies, who talked me off more than one ledge. My beta reader, Stormy, who does so much more than just pat me on the head, she pushes me, too. And my dear, sweet friend Morgan, who has been such a joy to collaborate with.

I owe love and so much gratitude to my street team, the Divine Divas, and their admin, Rana, whose enthusiasm for Divine inspires me daily.

To the beautiful, curvy women of all sizes who e-mail me and visit me on Facebook and my blog, thank you so much. Your kind words, your shared triumphs and challenges, and your love for Divine are such a blessing to me.

To my editor, Caroline, you intuitively push me to a higher standard and I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

To my publisher, Diana, without your continued encouragement and belief in me, I wouldn’t be able to share this love I have for writing with readers. You do make dreams come true. I’m living proof.


Divine Grace

Grace (Stuart) Warner worked at Stigall’s Department Store and is co-owner of Harper Embroidery. She’s also invested in and works at Discretion, a ladies’ adults-only boutique located in Morehead.

Jack Warner, Ethan Grant, and Adam Davis. These three distant cousins are owners of the Divine Creek Ranch, a horse ranch specializing in the breeding of Andalusian horses. Jack is also a building contractor. Adam is an HVAC and electrical contractor. Ethan co-owns The Dancing Pony nightclub, located in Divine.

They have one daughter, Rose Marie.

Her Gentle Giant (Part One & Two)

Rachel (Lopez) Wolf was employed at Thorne Home Theater as a bookkeeper. She now does the books for Discretion and is a new stay-at-home mom.

Eli Wolf was one of the bouncers at The Dancing Pony and is now licensed as an EMT.

They have one son, Levi.

Heavenly Angel

Teresa (Palacios) Martinez worked at Stigall’s with Grace and is now invested in Discretion and works there part-time when not caring for her children.

Angel and Joaquin Martinez are brothers and horse breeding specialists who handle the breeding operation on the Divine Creek Ranch.

They have two sons, Michael and Eleazar.

Rosemary’s Double Delight

Rosemary (Piper) Garner splits her time between the family business, Cheaver’s Western Store, and her husbands’ business, Garner Custom Furniture.

Wes and Evan Garner are brothers and self-employed custom furniture craftsmen who have known Rosemary since kindergarten. Rosemary is expecting their first child.

Spurs and Heels

Juliana (Meyer) Peterson, an admitted perfectionist, was the manager of Stigall’s Department Store and is now a buyer for Discretion Boutique.

Ash Peterson, a former bareback bronc riding champion, is the foreman of the Divine Creek Ranch and runs all of the day-to-day operations.

They have a son named Will.

Maya’s Triple Dare

Maya (Daire) Warner is a registered nurse specializing in obstetric and pediatric care. She works with Doctor Emma Guthrie-Rivers.

Kendall, Boone, and Richard Warner are brothers and first cousins of Jack Warner. They are partners in The MWTD Cattle Ranch, which backs up to Divine Creek and borders the Divine Creek Ranch.

Summer’s Indiscretion

Summer (Heston) Webster and her sister Margot are proprietors of Discretion, a ladies’ adults-only boutique in nearby Morehead, Texas.

Ace Webster and Kemp Whittier are adopted brothers who are also partners in a security and private investigation operation. Ace and Kemp have assisted a number of the heroes and heroines in Divine, Texas, including their wife, Summer.

Lydia’s Twin Temptation

Lydia (Webster) Carlisle is a professional chef. She came to The Rockin’ C Ranch as a chef and wound up falling in love with both Chance and Clayton Carlisle. Her older brother, Ace, was not pleased.

Chance and Clayton Carlisle are twin brothers who own The Rockin’ C Ranch, a very large cattle operation outside of Divine.