Through the Dom's Lens(9)

By: Doris O Connor

Sally moaned softly as he kissed her shoulder and tugged at the blanket, and he pushed all thoughts of business to the back of his mind. Right now, he wanted to enjoy his new pet. He wanted to hear her scream his name until any thought of leaving him would flee.

"Let go, my lovely, and lie down on the blanket for me instead."

She swallowed hard, but she did let go and lie back.

"Wh-what are you going to do?"

He took her hands and kissed each one and then lifted them high above her head until they touched the headboard. Junsako brought out the hidden wrist restraints and wrapped her fingers around them.

"I'm going to restrain you with these, pet. They are quick release, so no need to panic."

A shudder went through her frame, and she exhaled in a whoosh when he wrapped the first Velcro cuff around her wrist, and the other.

"Color?" he asked.

"Green, Sir." Her voice was barely above a whisper, and again he marveled at how instantaneous her response was to being restrained.

"That's my girl. Spread your legs for me, so I can cuff your ankles, too. I want you still for this."

"Yes, Sir."

She complied immediately, and he repeated the process with her ankles. By the time he was done her body was covered in the fine sheen of arousal, and the most adorable blush heated her cheeks.

He stepped back to admire his handiwork, and pulled his shirt over his head in one fluid move at the same time.

Sally gasped, and the open admiration with which she ran her gaze over his chest appeased his inner cave man. Junsako wasn't a vain man, but seeing her eyes darken in lust and the way her gaze snared on his groin and she licked her lips—yeah, that was a hell of a turn on.

He checked one last time to make sure her restraints weren't too tight, and then crawled up the bed, dropping kisses along her soft skin. The pink flesh of her pussy called him, and he indulged himself by licking her slit once. With her legs spread wide open he had the perfect view of her cunt. Puffy and oh so wet, her labial lips opened to him, and he groaned as her unique taste invaded his mouth. Her little nubbin swelled, and her thighs tensed when he blew against it and then looked up at her.

Their gazes locked, and she yanked on her restraints when he kissed the quivering folds of her tummy and then withdrew. Sally had soft curves in all the right places, and it took all of his willpower to not yank down his jeans and drive his throbbing cock into her soft flesh and seek his release.

However, his pleasure could wait. He wanted to worship every one of his Sally's generous curves, until he knew she believed him when he said she was beautiful.

"Ready to be devoured, pet?" he asked, and Sally's eyes grew huge again. She tensed when he approached with the food dishes, and he bent to kiss her. It was supposed to be a mere brush of his lips against hers, meant to reassure, but once there he just had to take possession of her mouth. Sally kissed him back, and he fucked her mouth with his tongue until he had to pull away or lose what little control he had left. Damn it, if she didn't call to him like a siren of old, though. There was so much leashed passion in her that she literally stole his breath.

She jumped as far as her restraints would let her, which wasn't far at all, when he laid a path of food along the valley of her breasts.

"Relax, pet. This is just warm now. It won't hurt you. Shut your eyes for me and just feel."

Her eyes fluttered shut, and with every new scoop he put on her skin she relaxed further.

He covered her nipples, drew a pattern across her belly, and then built a little mountain on her shaven mound. Bits of rice fell into her wet slit and stuck to her sensitive flesh, and her pussy contracted in front of his eyes.

"You're so beautiful, my love."


His reverent tones soothed the last flutters of nervousness away and bathed her in the glow of his approval before the first swipe of his tongue made her forget anything else.

With infinite care and agonizing slowness he licked his dinner off her body. Starting with the trail he left between her breasts he showed his appreciation of the food and her body with his husky words delivered in Japanese. Somehow, not knowing what he was saying made the whole thing hotter. Sally had to see what he was doing, so she forced her eyes open, and watched his dark head as he paid homage to her curves, her need for him climbing with every lick and nip of his teeth. When he ran his tongue down the underside of her breast and then closed his mouth over the food hiding her stiff nipple, she lost the fight with herself and shut her eyes again.