Through the Dom's Lens(7)

By: Doris O Connor

"I most definitely do, pet. Stop doubting, or I will put you over my knee and spank that gorgeous ass of yours, until you realize how much I want to fuck you."

He smiled grimly at her sharp intake of breath and forestalled her next objection.

"No, I do not fuck my models usually. Maddy was very much the exception."

She yanked her hand out of his grasp and scooted away from him until her back hit the headboard of the bed.

"You slept with Maddy? What the hell? Has she set me up? What sort of fucked up mess is this?"

Every pore in her body seemed to quiver with indignation, and Junsako grinned. He pulled the table laden with food closer to the bed, so that he could reach it and sat down on the edge of his bed. Grabbing one of Sally's ankles he pulled her closer to him, when she made to scoot away further.

"Don't make me tie you up again, pet. You wouldn't like it this time round."

Sally pouted her annoyance and ground her teeth together, but she stayed put, and Junsako scooped some of his beef donburi and offered it to her. Sally shook her head, and he sighed in an exaggerated fashion.

"Open for me, and let me feed you, pet. This is not a request."

She glared at him.

"I can feed myself, and you haven't answered my question. I want the truth, or I … I'll walk out of here right now."

The absurdity of that statement must have dawned on her, because she clutched that blasted blanket tighter still and frowned at it, as though it was all that piece of material's fault.

"And where the hell are my clothes? You can't keep me here against my will."

Junsako smiled at that little impassioned speech, and tapped her bottom lip to open up.

"You signed a consent form when you arrived, pet. It states that you're here of your own free will. I have your limits. Trust me, or say your safeword and this all stops now, and I'll take you home. However, if you're half as aroused as I know you are, you'll stay and let us explore this connection we share."

Sally swallowed hard, and he shrugged his shoulders and ate the delicious morsel of food himself. He didn't miss the way Sally's eyes darkened as she watched him lick his fingers clean.

"This really is delicious. You should try some, pet."

She tentatively reached across, and stopped when he shook his head.

"If you want to use your hands drop the blanket and let me see you. If you want to keep covered, you'll let me feed you. Those are your choices, pet."

She froze and glared some more, but some of the tension left her body, and she dutifully opened her mouth to let him feed her. The sensation of her hot, moist tongue sliding across his digits had his softening cock jerk back into full alert state, and he groaned under his breath.

Renewed heat climbed into her cheeks, even as she made appreciative little noises at the back of her throat as the flavors of the dish no doubt exploded on her tongue.

"Good, isn't it?" he asked with a smile, and she nodded and leant toward him for the next scoopful.

"What is it?" she asked when she'd swallowed that lot and washed it away with the glass of water he held up for her to drink.

"One of my favorite donburi. It's a traditional Japanese rice dish with meat layered on the top. This one is beef. Aikiri ordered us pork and seafood, too, if you'd like to try them?"

He smiled at her eager nod, and they spent the next few minutes with him feeding her small amounts of each until she turned her head away.

"Aren't you eating any?" she finally asked.

"Oh, I will, but I want to eat off you, and it's cool enough now not to burn your skin."


Sally couldn't have heard him right. Did he just say he wanted to eat off her?

A wave of arousal so fierce it took her breath away coursed through her veins at the wickedly erotic images those words evoked, and she clenched her thigh muscles to relieve the resultant ache in her wet pussy. He noticed, of course, and she stopped breathing altogether when he put one large hand on her leg, just above her knee.

His dark skin was such a contrast to her pale complexion, and she swallowed hard, mesmerized by the sight.

"What about Maddy?" She hated how wobbly her voice sounded, but she couldn't invade on her sister's territory, and she wouldn't just be a convenient fuck, no matter how attracted she was to him.