Through the Dom's Lens(5)

By: Doris O Connor

Junsako watched her patiently, and she took a deep breath.

"O-Okay … Sir."

His smile in answer sent the warmth of his approval through her veins, and he nodded and grew serious.

"Drop your robe off your shoulders and let me see you."

Sally complied, heat filling her cheeks at the thought of being that exposed to him, especially as all of his concentration was now on her. He murmured his instructions as he took pictures, and she had no choice but to follow those quiet demands. Only the click of the camera, the rustle of his clothes, and their combined breathing could be heard in the stillness of the room.

"That's my girl. Don't hide from me. Let me see those curves."

For what seemed like ages Sally twirled this way and that, whilst he took picture after picture, until finally he stepped into her view and put the digital camera down on a tripod.

He frowned when she tried to cover her breasts, and she hastily dropped her arms to the side.

"Better," he said, and her mouth went dry when she saw what he now held in his hands. It was a long length of crimson bondage rope, and he ran it through his fingers repeatedly as he studied her.

"Now that you're relaxed enough with the camera, I'm going to Shibari tie you. Just a simple design to start with, I think. Did Aikiri give you your safeword?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Which is?" he asked, his eyes crinkling up at the corners giving away his Japanese mother as surely as the straight black hair that kept falling into one eye. The color of his skin spoke of his American father, a combination that made him rather unique. Her fingers itched to touch him, but she knew better than to try.

"Red to stop, Sir. Green for okay, and yellow if I'm not sure of anything."

He stepped closer still and gently ran the rope over her collar bone and across her breasts. Instantly her nipples beaded into hard little nubs of pure need. He noticed of course, because that smile of his grew positively sinful, and he repeated the motion, until Sally couldn't hold back her whimper of excitement.

"And what color are we now, pet?" he asked.

"Green, Sir."

Sally grimaced at the breathy quality of her reply and sucked her breath in when he trailed that rope lower, across the quivering skin of her rounded tummy down to her mound. She spread her legs automatically, and he murmured his approval into her ear.

"Good girl. You're so wet for me already, and we've barely started."

She screwed her eyes shut, as heat flooded her cheeks. By rights she ought to be mortified, but the almost reverent tones in which he praised her responses left no room for shame. Just heated arousal, which flushed her skin, as he ran the soft rope through her slick folds with just enough pressure to tease.

"I'm going to do something else, to make sure you truly let go, my love. I can almost see those thoughts swirling in your brain." He cupped her face, his own so close that his hot breath skittered across her skin like a sensual embrace.

"Look at me."

Her eyes fluttered open to see him studying her, and he kissed her nose softly.

"That's my girl. I'm going to blindfold you, to make this easier on you. Let all those thoughts go, and just allow yourself to feel. I'll keep you safe, pet. That's my job, and I'm very good at it."

On any other man that would have sounded boastful, but he simply stated the truth, and Sally knew that. Heaven knows she'd researched him enough beforehand. For the life of her she couldn’t get her voice to work, however, so she simply looked up at him and nodded.

His smile of approval made her insides dance in joy, and her heart missed a beat when he produced a silken blindfold and tied it around her eyes.

"Color, pet?"

Sally tried to respond, she really did, but the unintelligible sound she produced didn't make any sense to her. It must have been enough for him, though, because he chuckled and tightened that rope left between her legs so much that she had to stand on tiptoes and lean into him with a gasp of pleasure.

"That's it, my love." His murmured assurance grounded her as every stroke of his hands, and every brush of the rope against her skin pitched her arousal higher. Time stood still as he wove the rope with exquisite skill, encasing her body, until she was held in the tightest of embraces, secure in the knowledge that he had her.