Through the Dom's Lens(4)

By: Doris O Connor

He released her and took a step away to give her space, mindful of the fact that this had to be her decision. Mindful, also, of the strong attraction shimmering between them, that inexplicable pull of chemistry that he hadn’t felt with anyone in far too long.

Aikiri and he had had it briefly, but it hadn't been strong enough for him to want to keep her with him. Once trained, she had remained as his assistant only. As though she was following his thought processes, Aikiri fingered her collar and smiled at him over Maddy's sister's head, and he nodded just once.

For the first time since Aikiri had accepted her new Master's collar, and expressed her wish to leave Junsako's protection, the apathy plaguing him had left. Anticipation fizzed through his veins, and the heavy fog of desire brought his dominant side to the fore. He wanted this woman with every fiber of his being.

"And you want to do all that with me?" The hopeful tones of her whispered question made him smile.

"Yes, I do. Will you let me, sister of Maddy?"


Sally had to be dreaming. That had to be it. Things like this did not happen to her, ever. Instead of throwing her out like he would have every right to, this drop-dead gorgeous man smiled down on her. The white of his teeth was a startling contrast to the ebony hue of his skin, as was the outstretched hand now closing around her fingers. She could no more ignore that invitation than she could stop breathing. Blood rushed in her ears, and the lazy circles his thumb made over the back of her hand sent tingles of awareness up her arm.

"Sally, my name is Sally."

He pulled her up, and she would have stumbled had he not put an arm round her waist and pulled her close. With her heels she just came up to his shoulder, and she focused her attention on the movement of his Adam's apple as he spoke.

"Sally, it suits you. Now, be a good girl for me, and follow Aikiri. She'll get you ready for the photo shoot, and answer any questions that you might have."

His hand lingered on the curve of her hip for just a fraction too long, and it gave her the courage to ask.

"Photo shoot? But you said…"

His smile deepened, and he tapped her nose with one long finger.

"I know what I said, and I meant every word of that, but I also need a model for the shoot, and you, my sweet Sally, are it. That's what you came here for, after all."

There was a teasing light in the black depths of his commanding gaze, and Sally swallowed hard.

"Yes, of course, I did."

He spun her around to face Aikiri, and then dropped a kiss on her neck. It was a mere brush of hot, firm lips against her damp skin, and yet it felt like a brand.

"I need to phone Maddy, and just clarify some things. I'll be there soon. Aikiri, you know what to do."


Sally blinked in the numerous spotlights and held the ends of the fine silken Japanese robe Aikiri had given her to replace her dress, as though her life depended on it. With her face scrubbed clean of any artful make up and her long hair left to tumble in all its unruliness down her back, she felt extremely vulnerable. She curled her toes under and wished with all her might, Maddy had never persuaded her to do this. Junsako had been gone ages, and what was there to talk about? He'd made it sound as though he knew Maddy, but that didn’t make any sense at all. Why would her sister send her into the lion's den?

A door opened, and she didn't need to turn around to know it was him. His scent alone alerted her to his presence. The subtle shift in the ambience of the room that meant her whole body tightened in need. The fine hair on her arms rose, and her heart was trying to give itself a cardiac arrest. Never had Sally been this affected by any man before. She was no innocent, but no man had ever made her slick her panties just by his presence.

"Raise your head into the light for me, pet."

She responded to the silken command in those velvet tones immediately, and she could hear the laughter and approval when he added.

"Good girl. You're beautiful without all the war paint. I don't ever want to see you wear it again when you're with me, is that clear?"

"Yes, Master J."

"Call me Sir, pet. I haven't earned the right to demand you call me your Master—yet."

The way he said yet sent a rush of heat through her body. It had a possessive quality to it that she yearned to see more of. It was a direct contrast to her last so-called boyfriend, who had taken possessive to a whole new level of abusive. She pushed those thoughts away. Sally hadn't thought about him in ages, and she would not let unwelcome memories spoil this moment.