Through the Dom's Lens(3)

By: Doris O Connor

Sally couldn’t even begin to explain why she was this turned on, but there was a tangible presence surrounding this man. An air of authority and leashed power that called to something deep inside of her. His scent surrounded her as he stepped right into her personal space.

"Look at me, girl."

She had to look a long way up, and when her gaze connected with his, her heart rate went into overdrive.

His thick brows drew together, and his black eyes seemed to see straight into her soul. It was an entirely too airy fairy notion, but that was the only way to describe it, and when he spoke again, his deep, slightly accented voice, held her captive.

"You're not Maddy."

Chapter Two

Junsako Frederikson wasn't often lost for words, but seeing the pretty blush spread across this rather delicious little subbie robbed him of his ability to string a coherent sentence together. By all rights he ought to be furious at her deception, but she looked so utterly ashamed and downright terrified that she raised every one of his protective instincts instead, and other things besides.

This pretty little thing was not Maddison Wood, but she had to be related. She had the same almond shaped eyes that had first captivated him when he'd met Maddy at a BDSM club in Montreal several years ago now. Back then she'd just been finding her feet in the model industry, and he'd had fun showing her the ropes, so to speak. A few well-placed phone calls had given the young Maddy a much needed boost, and that had been his responsibilities taken care of.

He'd been surprised when her agent had put her forward for this photo shoot. She was not the body shape he'd been looking for, but this young woman was, and she had the same vulnerability that had first drawn him to a young Maddy.

"I'm sorry, I told her this would never work."

He almost didn't catch the breathy whisper, so low was her voice, and he gave in to instinct and cupped her chin to force her to look at him.

Junsako steeled himself against the misery in the depth of her warm chestnut gaze, and firmed his voice.

"You told who?" he asked.

"Maddy … she's my sister."

Well, this just got better by the minute, but that certainly explained the resemblance.

"Why would your sister send you here, pretending to be her?"

The younger version of Maddy blinked rapidly and tried her best to wriggle away, but he firmed his hold on her chin, and slid his other hand to her throat. Her eyes widened, and she stopped fidgeting when he squeezed just hard enough to get her attention.

"Better, girl, I suggest you answer me. And tell me the truth, before I start our first session with a punishment."

He didn't miss the involuntary shudder that went through her, or the sharp intake of breath. Her heartbeat thundered under his fingertips, and he hid his smile. This disastrous day was beginning to look up after all.

"P … punishment?" Her huge eyes sought his and then dropped to his mouth and stayed there. "I-I'm not here to be punished. I was helping Maddy out, that's all. This is supposed to be just a photo shoot. I'm sorry if I'm such a disappointment. I'll just go, and we can forget all about this." She tried to rise, and he tightened his hold on her neck, keeping her in place.

"Did I say you were a disappointment?" he asked.

Again her expressive gaze darted to his, and his cock hardened to the point of pain when she licked her lips. It wasn't a conscious act, more a nervous gesture, that told him how out of her depth she was. The check list she'd dutifully filled out, told him the rest. Here was a natural submissive keen to experience a taste of the lifestyle, and he was just the man to give her that. Junsako hadn't been looking for a new sub, but there was something about Maddy's sister that drew him like the moth to the flame, and now that he had her here, he had no intention of letting her go again.

"I must be. I've seen the other models that—"

His dismissive growl in answer cut her short, and she bit into her plump lip. Fascinated he watched her little white teeth leave indents in the soft flesh, and he rubbed his thumb over the moist area.

"Don’t do that. The only marks I want to see on your beautiful skin are the ones I put there." Her pulse jumped under his fingers, and Junsako let out the breath he hadn't been aware of holding. He was reading her right then. "I had very specific terms for this assignment, and none of those models were the body shape I require for this set of pictures. I want to show off the beauty of a woman's body. I want to enhance the soft flesh bound with my ropes. For that I need a real woman—like you." Her soft gasp was music to his ears. "I want to make you fly. To see your skin flushed with arousal and need, to run my hands all over the abundant curves I can see under your dress. With your permission, of course."