Through the Dom's Lens(10)

By: Doris O Connor

"That's my girl. Relax for me." His hot breath felt cool on her moist skin, and she shivered and let her head fall back. She arched her back automatically when he ran his tongue around her areola again and again, until he finally sucked the tip of her throbbing nipple into his mouth and suckled hard. The leftover rice in his mouth created delicious friction, and the slight pain shot darts of white hot arousal to her clit, as though it was attached to her nipples by invisible string. More of her wetness seeped out of her desperately clenching pussy as her body drew taut.

She thrashed her head from side to side, and she could feel his smile in the kisses against her sweat slicked skin as he swapped to the other breast. He repeated his sweet torture on the other side, whilst rolling the other nipple between his fingers.

The dual sensation was almost too much, and Sally yanked on her restraints, desperate to touch him. She didn't recognize the needy sounds coming from her, as she pleaded with him to go faster, to please, please make her come.

The sharp sting to her thigh hurt, as he what? Bit her? Her head flew up, and her eyes opened when he delivered several openhanded swats to her outer thighs, hard enough to bring tears to her eyes.

"You will not rush me, girl." The edge of steel to his voice did strange things to her insides, and the disapproval in his voice cut her to the quick. She blinked the tears away, and his harsh expression softened at her whispered, “Sorry, Sir."

"Better, pet, better. You're new to this, so I shall let that pass. And I'm hungry still, so lie still and let me eat you."

The sinful images those last words painted in her mind stoked her arousal to fever pitch again, and she could do nothing but take what he gave. He followed the trail of rice down her tummy, paused to dip his tongue into her belly button repeatedly, and then finally nibbled the little mountain of her mound. Her pussy spasmed and her clit contracted as more rice trickled into her slit, and his hot breath so close to where she needed him, had her teetering on the edge.

She was so wet that her juices trickled down the cleft of her ass cheeks, and she tried to squirm, but his hand on her belly stopped her.

"Do. Not. Move."

The deep almost growl against her mound had everything in her tighten in need, as Junsako ate the last bit of foods off her vulva. He raised his head briefly, and the intensity of his dark eyes took her breath away. It pinned her in place until the whole world narrowed, and all she was aware of was him.

"You may come as often as you like…"

And with those ominous words he attacked her pussy like man starved of sustenance. She was so worked up that the first swipe of his tongue against her sensitive bud had all the tightness inside her explode in an orgasm that stole her voice and seemed to go on forever. Every time she came down from her high, Junsako's clever tongue and fingers pushed her right back up the rungs of arousal, until she couldn't think straight and time lost all meaning.

He lapped at her juices as though they were the sweetest ice cream, and when her clit became too sensitive and she tried to pull away he pushed his hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her up, so that he could lick up and down her cleft and around her anus.

Sally tensed at the unfamiliar sensation, but his deep rumble against her slit, sent her over the edge again.

"That's it, fly for me, pet. I want to eat every part of you. This belongs to me now."

The possessive words should have appalled her, but she found herself slipping into the same blissful state she'd been in with the feel of the ropes on her skin. The sound of his voice alone, coupled with the rough friction of his tongue as he cleaned the last remnants of the meal off her body, was enough. Intense waves of pleasure coursed through her when he pushed first one and then several more digits into her channel and massaged a spot deep inside her vagina that sent her tumbling into an orgasm so intense she screamed.

By the time the world stopped spinning and she could catch her breath, Junsako had undressed completely, and her mouth went dry at the sight of him fully naked.

Seeing him topless had been more than enough of a feast for the senses but this … this was something else. Junsako was ripped in all the right places, from his massive shoulders and biceps, covered in tattoos, to his impressive pectorals and washboard abs. Free of any hair, bar a fine trail that led to his cock, his ebony skin gleamed in the scant light left from the setting sun. He grasped his thick shaft at the base and stroked up and down slowly. A drop of pre-cum appeared on the mushroom tip of his dick, and Sally licked her lips.

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