Their Holly Bell(30)

By: Elisa Leigh

I push through the groups of people and eventually make it to the bar. The men sitting there staring at me, but quickly go back to their conversations.

“What can I get you doll?” The man behind the bar asks. He’s tall and is wearing a leather vest like everyone sitting here at the bar. He's younger than some of the guys in here but older than me. He’s in his late twenties maybe. He's got a kind face but looks like he's seen too much to be free from the pain of regret.

“A shot of whiskey.”

“You got it.” He says, pouring it quickly and handing it over.

I grab it and shoot it quickly. Not used to the taste or the burn of it going down my throat, I shiver. I set the shot glass down on the bar, and the bartender laughs and asks if I want another. I hold up a finger, and he pours me one more, sliding it over to me.

“Thank you.”

Still smiling, he nods and watches me take my second shot. This time the cool liquid goes down easier.

I’m wearing a black tutu with a black corset laced with ribbon down the back. The cherry on the top of my embarrassing sundae is the black wings attached to the corset. I wanted to be a dark fairy, but now I’m left feeling like an idiot.

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