The Warlords Comeuppance:Coletti Warlords 02(8)

By: Gail Koger

A cold, unending silence was my only response.

Tendrils of ice encompassed my body and I began to shiver uncontrollably. I was alone, so very alone.

A golden light blossomed in the void and a mesmerizing voice called to me. You are not alone, Detja. I am here. You are mine and I will never allow anyone to harm you. I will never leave you.

Come to me. Come.

I moved eagerly towards the light and that beckoning warmth.

That’s it my little flower, come to me.

Little flower?! Memory came rushing back and I let out a scream of pure rage. May you burn in the tenth hell.

That’s my Detja, fight it.

I hissed. I’m not yours nor will I ever be yours.

His amused laughter grated along my nerves.

You cannot escape your fate.

Never! I’ll never surrender to you.

Phantom hands stroked my body gently. Watch and see.

I backed away as the light grew brighter and brighter. No. There had to be a way out. That black void pressed in on me, suffocating me, overwhelming me with its terrible emptiness. A shudder shook me as those icy tendrils grew stronger, sucking the life from me.

Those soothing hands tightened until their grip was painful. Feel me. Feel my touch. The hands roved over my body, possessing and branding every inch of me. You are mine.

“Nooooo!” I bolted upright and found myself on a massive bed in a room right out of male’s wet dream. Sex toys and silk everywhere. Father had redone my room! Blinking in disbelief, I looked around frantically for Adan. Father, I pleaded, I can’t do this. I rocked back and forth sobbing hysterically . Please, father.

“Enough, Detja,” Adan said coldly.

I scrambled from the disgusting bed and stared at the vid screen. Adan had once again assumed my dead father’s form. His aristocratic features were tight with anger. “You are stronger than this.”

“Empty,” I wailed. “I’m so empty.”

“The Warlord will gladly fill that emptiness, again and again, until there is no doubt in your mind that you belong to him.”

Shocked rage flooded me and I gave him the one finger salute. “You bastard, you sold me out.”

“I made sure you would survive.”

“I will not submit to the Warlord.”

Father gave me a mocking smile. “No one can escape their fate. Not even me. Be safe, daughter.” The vid screen went black.

That terrible emptiness came flooding back and I fought back the tears. I wouldn’t let them win. I couldn’t. If Zarek took me, I’d be lost forever.

That’s when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I turned and stared in utter horror. Oh Goddess! What had father done? My hair was artfully tousled, my lips rouged and my naked body was draped with jewelry meant to entice and lure a man into bed. A sob caught in my throat. How could he?

I jumped as ghostly hands cupped my jeweled covered breasts and a thumb caressed my right nipple.

Very nice. I can’t wait to bed you, my little flower.

Fury swept through me and I slapped at his hands. Don’t touch me!

The Warlord chuckled. You will crave my touch. Even beg for it.

Maybe, when the ten hells freeze over.

He laughed and patted my bottom. Adan said you were a virgin and I must admit I like the idea of being your first lover.

Gag me. I was going to kill Adan slowly, painfully. I grabbed a robe off the bed and slid it on. How about I just kill you instead, lover? I sucked in a startled breath. Our bond was definitely growing. In my mind I could see Zarek putting his ship into orbit. Oh Goddess, I was out of time. I pulled a jumpsuit out of the closet and struggled to pull it over my jewel encrusted body.

You run from me and you will not like the consequences, Zarek promised darkly.

You can’t catch what you can’t see. I rushed into my armory and started loading up with weapons and explosives.

I could feel his delighted satisfaction. The Ghost does have a cloaking device.

Balock’s balls, I had such a big mouth. I clamped the cloaking belt around my waist and slid on my handy dandy wrist comp unit. You’ll never get your grimy paws on it or me.

A spectral hand slid possessively down my back.

Won’t I?

I fled.