The Unwilling Mistress

By: Marie Kelly

Chapter One

Mia Jones had listened carefully for the small clicks, as she had slowly turned the dial on the safe, the stethoscope in her ear picking up the small noises as she held her breath, completely focussed on hearing the subtle sounds. As the last number had clicked into place she had given a small happy smile hearing the tell tale sound of the mechanism opening. Pulling the torch from her mouth, she had flashed it inside the safe interior, quickly shuffling through the papers contained within it, pushing the rolls of money aside as she hunted. With a small groan she had put the last paper back inside, feeling the heavy sensation of disappointment at not finding what she had hoped would be contained within the small space.

Closing the safe once more Mia had moved back towards the door, her hand reaching for the handle to slip back out of the small shabby office freezing as she had heard the unmistakable sound of Jake Brown, gasping, and feeling the terror fill her, knowing that she was trapped in the small room. Mia had quickly flashed the torch around looking for somewhere to hide feeling as her heart had beaten so hard within her body, her legs feeling like jelly as the fear had gripped her. Seeing the large drapes she had turned quickly, hiding herself within the folds of the voluminous material and turning the torch off just in time as the door had burst open, the light filling the small space.

“I don’t damn well care” she had heard the voice of her employer, hearing the anger in his tone

“But Jakey.........” she had recognised the whiney voice of one of the girls who worked in the club. Theresa was one of Jakes girls, one of those closest to him, and therefore best stayed away from, and Mia had stood as motionless as possible, holding her breathe expecting to be discovered at any time

“No Theresa......your so called friend promised that he could get close to the guy........he failed..........and I want my money back”

She had heard as Theresa had moved closer to Jake, obviously using her charms as she had coo’d softly to him

“I’ll talk to him.........promise....”

Hearing again as he had made a small snort of annoyance, as she had sidled closer to him

“Come on Jakey...........come on back to my flat...........I can make you feel so much better” she had whined in her most sensual voice, making Mia feel sick at the innuendo, praying that Jake felt in the mood for what was on offer, relief flooding her as she had heard the unmistakable sound of the two kissing

“Come home with me” she had heard Theresa repeat as he had given a small laugh, and the sound of the two moving back to the door

“ owe me that much bitch” he had said nastily

“But I still want my money back” as the light had once more been flicked off, the room filling with darkness once more, as the door had opened and closed the room again falling silent.

Mia had gripped the wall, her legs feeling so shaky as her stomach churned with how close to discovery she had come. Waiting for several minutes, she had again moved to the door, gently opening it a small crack and listening for any sounds, before silently slipping out of the office and moving quickly down the hallway.

Drake Trent had rang the doorbell of the exclusive flat, sighing softly as he allowed the events of the day to slowly drain away from him hearing as the door was opened by the most stunning brunette. Sophia had smiled warmly at him as she had moved backwards to allow him to enter, her arms moving around his neck as he had quickly stepped forward to pull her in against him, his foot kicking the door closed as he had pushed her up against the wall, his mouth finding hers. Groaning softly he had enjoyed the feel of her lovely body under his hands, as he had allowed his fingers to explore her, rubbing her hardened nipples the desire rising in him.

“God you are such a welcome site after the day I have had”

He had whispered against her ear, as she had purred softly, before pulling herself from his arms

“Darling...........are you planning on seducing me in the hall” she had laughed, her tone holding a hint of disapproval as he had laughed

“mmmmm now that does have some appeal” he had chuckled, as she had thrown him a small smile moving further into the flat

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