The Sidelined Wife(119)

By: Jennifer Peel

I also wrote the book that launched my career on the old thing. I missed the sound of the keys and the typebars making contact with the ribbon and paper. I never intended to write romance, but I found I had a penchant for it. I blamed it on the built up sexual tension from being in love with a man I thought could never be mine. A priest.

I never wanted anything or anyone more in my life. Hunter Black came to life because of it all. Every one of Peter’s qualities were poured into him. Laine, his true love that he could never have, was me. I cried into the typewriter many a night, trying to purge myself of Peter. It didn’t work; if anything, I wanted him more.

I was supposed to be writing gritty, raw, real-life pieces that changed lives. Instead, I was fueling fantasies, mine the most. Now that I was living out my fantasy with my priest, it didn’t make me feel so guilty.

. . . That wasn’t as awful as it sounded.