The Run(The Hell's Disciples MC Book 4)

By: Jaci J


This book is for Bonnie.

My music soul sister.

From the very beginning you’ve been with me reading my books, loving my guys, and supporting me.

For all the teasers, videos, pictures, and love.

Thank you doll face!


Thank You

To all of the usual cast of characters and list of suspects ...

Dana “Magical Editing Unicorn” Hook, Marki, Margreet, my family, my beta readers Chris, Sam, Lena. My author sisters, my bitches, and my readers.

Thank you from the bottom of my bad-mouthed little heart for all of your love & support.

I couldn’t do this without you.

About the book


‘A passionate free spirited girl with a constant need to run,’ or ‘Unsettled,’ is how my mother would describe me. I call it an eternal eagerness to roam. My feet always seem to carry me along the path less traveled, sometimes leading me into trouble, and every once in a while, they lead me to something fu****g great. That something great might just be a bike riding, cut wearing hard-ass. Buck might just be worth slowing down and hanging around for.


Uninteresting―that’s what I’d say about anything outside my club. An old lady, uninterested. Bitches beyond the bedroom, uninterested. A roommate, definitely not fu*****g interested. I ran, like a bat outta hell, from one bad situation two years ago and I’m not looking to repeat the same goddamn mistake twice, but Lennon doesn’t make it easy on a man. Crazy beautiful, a wild heart, and an infectious spirit, Lennon might just be enough to pique my interest.

Play List

“Comedown” – Bush

“Magic Carpet Ride” - Steppenwolf

“L$D”– ASAP Rocky

“Let Her Cry” – Hootie & The Blowfish

“Lean On” – Major Lazor

“Crazy” - Aerosmith

“Enter Sandman” – Metallica

“Fishin’ In the Dark” – The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

“Work Song” – Hozier

“Two Princes” – Spin Doctors

“American Woman” – The Guess Who

“Somebody to Die For” – Hurts

“My Hero” - Foo Fighters

“Tuesday’s Gone” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Breakfast in America” – Supertramp

Sometimes things start out here, right here in the middle, and they’re just mediocre. Life is okay, going pretty good, and then one thing changes it all. That one thing brings it all the fucking way up here, right here to the top, and that one thing is always fucking beautiful, yet it always fucking hurts. But you wouldn’t change it because you’ve finally got it all.



Standing on my deck, I stretch my sore arms above my head. It’s fucking good to be home and off the road for a bit. I need a goddamn vacation after that ride, going from one border to another. That shit was a trek.

Sitting back down, I shift in my chair, trying to get comfortable before grabbing a cold beer out of the cooler. My little slice of quiet heaven is up here in the middle of fucking nowhere. It might not be nice, fancy, or pretty, but it’s mine, and it’s exactly how I like it. It’s the one place that makes me truly happy.

In the last three months, I’ve been up and down the West Coast, from Mexico to Canada. I headed to Montana for a rally a couple weeks back and did everything in between, but now I’m ready for a fucking break.

Reclining back and kicking my feet up, the heel of my boot catches and chips a piece of cedar off the railing that I’m using as a footrest.

“Jesus Christ.” If it isn’t one thing it’s another. I really need to work on fixing up this rickety old motherfucker. The chipping, sun-faded, moss-covered deck has seen some good times and better days, but it’ll have to wait for now.