The Queen of All That Lives (The Fallen World Book 3)(103)

By: Laura Thalassa


Today I wear my hated crown.

One final time.

Five hundred men and women gather in the room before me and the king, regional leaders from all over the world.

It took Montes nearly a hundred and fifty years to conquer the world. It took me only five to give back.

“Today marks a turning point,” I say to the group spread out before me in the auditorium.

From this day forward, our world won’t be ruled by monarchs. The road ends here. With us.

I remove the crown from my head. Next to me, Montes mirrors my movements. I would’ve thought he’d fight this more, but the man is weary of ruling. At last.

I don’t spare the headpiece more than a passing glance.

“Today we hand the world over to you.”

There will be a single government made up of regional leaders appointed from each territory. All will work and vote together on issues that afflict the world.

Like every government that came before it, this one won’t be perfect—it could even be a disaster. Only time will tell.

I look over at Montes. My beautiful monster.

I wasn’t looking for redemption in this man—or from him, for that matter. But that’s what I got.

I return my attention to the hundreds gathered in this room.

There’s a place for me here, in this future I never expected to be a part of. I no longer straddle two hemispheres and two time periods. Instead, I am the woman that loves both the West and the East, the woman that will always fight for the blighted and broken, the impoverished and the oppressed. I’m the woman that came from the past to help the future.

I’m no longer the loneliest girl the world, the woman who fits in nowhere.

Now I’m the woman who fits in everywhere, and I’m the woman that believes in freedom and justice, and above all—


To my readers

To say I am sad to leave this world and these characters is an epic understatement. I’m not sure I’ve enjoyed writing a series quite as much as this one. And the things it made me feel! I hope I’m not alone in that.

Everything about these characters and this world got under my skin, essentially from the start. When Montes first came to me, he was wholly wicked, and Serenity wholly good. They were never supposed to fall in love. It wasn’t just Serenity who fought it, it was me. But, as you know by now, these characters did fall in love, and the story became something else entirely from what I’d planned.

I hope you enjoyed reading The Fallen World series. I’m sorry to say that I don’t plan on revisiting this world again. However, I do have plans in the future to write a four book post-apocalyptic series, though only time will tell when I’ll release those! Until then, I hope you’ll consider joining my newsletter here so that we can share more stories together in the future.