The Player (The Game Maker #3)(109)

By: Kresley Cole

Yep, I’d jumped him all the way up till midnight. . . .

He put his arm around my shoulders, enveloping me with his heat and tantalizing scent. Together we watched our families celebrate.

Among all the other things Dmitri had brought into my life, I’d gotten two new brothers and three sisters (with a long-suffering sigh, he’d finally claimed Jess as family). All of them were thrilled by this marriage.

Before the ceremony, Lucía had teased me, “Make sure Vice has something old, something new, something stolen, and something blue.”

With no secrets, our families could be themselves and meld. We already saw signs of it.

By the pool, Vasili and Al were deep in a game of chess, Gram spectating. When Al had first broken out the board, I’d murmured to Dmitri, “It’s like Iceman versus Maverick, huh?” Zero recognition. “Top Gun?” My husband and I had a decade of movies to get through.

And then there was melding with Benji and Jess.

Reading my mind, Dmitri waved in their direction. “I never saw that coming.”

They were sitting together, both laughing at something Jess was saying. When they’d first met earlier, zany, ballsy Jess had gazed up at his face and blushed. And then she’d grown tongue-tied. As for Benji, he couldn’t seem to take his eyes—or his camera lens—off her.

I nodded. “I’d worried how Karin might take it, but she’s happy for him. She admitted she’s still lost for Cash’s father.” The fact that Walker was watching his son grow up, every Tuesday and Friday, was huge for her.

Until she figured out what to do about their relationship, she’d decided to continue going to the park—without letting on that the ruse was up—so he could have that time.

Down on the dance floor, she laughed with Cash in her arms, while he gurgled his delight. He looked very dapper in the tuxedo romper Mom had made him and seemed determined to flash everyone his pair of teeth.

“I have an idea about Karin and Walker,” Dmitri said, his eyes lively. “I think we should run a little con.”

“You grifter!” I said in mock indignation, before murmuring, “Tell.”

“We buy the remains of his company—in Karin’s name. Yet then they’ll learn they only have so much time to right the ship before it goes down. Perhaps a fake loan coming due?”

My eyes widened. “Forcing them to work together! You brilliant man.”

He took my hand and pressed a kiss to my palm. “Con artistry is what I do.”

I sighed. Being married to Dmitri trumped a royal flush.

He was still a dream man; he remained too good to be true. But when we reached for the stars together, they became ours.

And he was right; why did dreams have to end?

Laughter sounded from below, drawing our gazes.

Maksim escorted Lucía to the dance floor, twirling her around. Natalie was even coaxing Aleks to dance.

That Sevastyan devotion shone bright.

Mom and Dad were already out on the floor, as flirtatious and excited as if this were their first date. They were living a happily-ever-after.

I turned to Dmitri. “Do you think we’ll be as happy together as my parents in thirty years?”

He cradled my face in his hands, and our gazes locked. His eyes no longer held secrets, only promise. “Victoria Sevastyan, I will make sure of it.”

I laid my hand over his strong heart. “I’m going to want this for a lot longer than three decades. I’ll want you forever.”

He leaned down to graze his lips over mine. “What my wife wants, she gets.”

Below us, cheers and wolf whistles sounded, and we grinned as we kissed.

Dmitri Sevastyan had told me he would free me and give me the entire world.

He does both, every single day. . . .

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