The Passion & Vows Series

By: Fiona Davenport

Fiona Davenport & Elle Christensen & Rochelle Paige




A smile crawled across my face as the tall, silver haired auctioneer slammed the gavel down on the podium. I stood slowly, biding my time as I watched the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet walk toward the stage to collect the painting. She was tall and graceful, her hips swaying seductively as she moved. Her profile showed off her long lashes, straight nose, full lips, and an incredible set of tits. My mouth watered, but when she turned to face the front, I surreptitiously checked for drool at the sight of her ass. Her shiny, mahogany hair hung long, the ends brushing right along the top of her ass and I flexed my fists, trying to relax the muscles twitching in their need to wrap it around one hand while the other left a pretty pink handprint on her skin. She glanced behind her and my eyes met hers, glued to the sight of round, chocolate brown eyes, accented by her tanned complexion. Her full, rosy lips tipped up and she raised an eyebrow, clearly amused at my unabashed staring. Fuck, she was amazing. An absolute goddess. I winked, and her smile became a wide grin before she took the wrapped Cézanne being handed to her and sauntered to the exit on the left side of the room, leading to a wing of offices.

A low whistle sounded from beside me and an unexpected growl rose to the surface. I tamped down the desire to hit something, or someone, as I turned to look at my companion. Colin’s eyes were on the door where Genevieve Porter’s very fine ass had been seconds before. “That’s the art dealer?” he asked then looked at me, his brow lifting in surprise.

I imagined it was because of the dark look on my face. I couldn’t explain it, but I was suddenly pissed he’d been looking at my woman. That thought was out of the blue, and it probably should have knocked me flat on my ass. Except, I recognized the truth in it. I would do whatever it took to have her. Luckily, I was in London to oversee the sale contract between Genevieve and my client, a museum owned by a large corporation in New York. I’d read the dossier on her from cover to cover, but there hadn’t been a photo, for which I was eternally grateful because if my superiors had seen my reaction to her, I would have been given another assignment.

“You can go, Colin,” I informed him gruffly. “You won the piece, the paperwork is my job. No need for you to stay. I’ll meet you back at the hotel with the information.”

Colin opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by the shrill ring of his cell phone. He retrieved it from his pocket and stepped back into a darkened corner of the room to take the call. I gathered my briefcase and coat, then headed in the direction I’d last seen my goddess.


The tone of Colin’s voice brought me round, and I joined him just behind one of the thick, blue velvet curtains draped on either side of the wide double doors leading into the auction room.

“Pierce is dead.”

“What the fuck?” I growled. It was the last thing I needed right then.

Colin shrugged. “Robbery, apparently. Found him in a house in Kensington. Throat slit while he slept.”

“Did the police find anything?” I asked. Pierce was the collector Genevieve had purchased the Cézanne from. We were anxious to speak to him, but he was a recluse and as best we could tell, Genevieve was the first person to have any contact with him in two years. I’d really been hoping for an introduction. Shit.

Colin was tapping away on his phone, and I cuffed his shoulder to get his attention. He frowned at me and glanced back down when his device buzzed yet again. “Jack says they found evidence of mafia ties.” Shocking, I thought, mentally rolling my eyes. He was silent for another moment, then shut his cell down and put it in his pocket. “They found the ledger. I guess he kept a paper trail after all. Turns out, there was a kill order placed two days ago. People are fucking pissed. Anyway, Jack says to finish the transaction and enjoy your vacation.”

I scrubbed my hands down my face and nodded. “Yeah. Okay. What about her?”

“Doesn’t look like she knew anything about his activities. Jack says the company did a full profile, she’s clean. Just do the deal and hand off the painting to the courier.”